مشاهدة جميع الاصدارات : Archbishop Korban

28-04-2006, 18:54
Anton Efendi talked about Archbishop Korban, I attach a very famous piece by him. Inna Mousa.

He has been the Greek Orthodox bishop of Tripoli since the late sixties.

In the thirties he was a music student of my father and the two remained friends until now!

The piece here is by Beirut's old chantor Andraous M3aikel. I really wish someone can put any clip by this psalti.

28-04-2006, 19:53
Well, this is one of my favourite byzantine peices, in terms of music and theological significance!

For those who are interested, another version is posted at:

Anton Efendi
28-04-2006, 20:34
Here's the Greek version of this piece, tin simeron mystikos, performed by the First Domestikos, Demosthenes Païkopoulos.

Païkopoulos was born in Constantinople in 1929 and he learned his music at the feet of Priggos and Stanitsas at the Patriarchate's school of Byzantine music. He chanted as Second Domestikos next to Stanitsas in the late fifties-early sixties. He had to leave Turkey in 1962 and went to Athens where he's been since.