مشاهدة جميع الاصدارات : Saleh Abd al-Hayy 78rpm recordings of adwar (episode 5)

29-04-2006, 13:08
Today's dor by Saleh Effendi is :

dor / Ya ahl el-hawa tab3 el-melah
maqam saba, composer Dawud Husni
Polyphon 43789/90
circa 1925 ?

Unlike Abu Ala', I really like "3ala ruhi ana l-gani", but I'm not too crazy about this one. I feel the music is not really in accordance with the lyrics, the 3agam section is somehow too lively, the second side begins too fast and sounds almost ridiculous... But lil-nas fima ya3shaqun madhahibu, so maybe there will be lovers of this piece !

أبو علاء
29-04-2006, 14:42
Indeed, Fred, linnasi fi ma ya'ashaqun... Yahli-l-hawa is one of my favourite among the early Salah's early recordings of dors. I don't know whether the one I have is the same as yours (posted in 'adwars Salih 'abdi-l-hay). I have to listen first. But this should not surprise you as I already explained my feeling about Dawud Husni's music. You were so right in speaking of emotion as one of the criteria on which you base your preference among different renditions of a piece. With Husni's 'adwar (almost all of the ones I know), that emotion is already in the composition itself. In this, he's unique among all other composers of the Khedive school or, at least, he surpasses them all in both quantity and quality.

أبو علاء
30-04-2006, 00:48
This is indeed the version I already had and uploaded previously but, as usual, in a better quality and I love it.

04-05-2006, 18:18
Just listened to this one, fast or slow, the 3agam section is heavenly.

I love this dor.

07-05-2006, 18:46
الواقع أنا عندي نقطة ضعف كبيرة من ناحية الصبا ....لكن من أول سمعة كده على روحي أنا الجاني يكسب (السر في "أمانه -بالكسر ..أصل دي نادرة في مصر هاها:) ....و تحياتي للشوا
لكن هو لقب صالح كان إيه بالظبط....مطرب الشرق و لا كروان مصر (بس عبد اللطيف البنا إشترك في دي ) و لا إيه؟:)