مشاهدة جميع الاصدارات : For Najib : Germanos Shehadeh

06-05-2006, 01:19
Dear Najib,
I have digitalized two records of Mutran Germanos Shehadeh. I haven't edited the two records, the four sides are in this one file.

Baidaphon 84361/62 : al-lahn al-thalith Axion Estin
Baidaphon 84373/74 : al-yawm al-yawm al-qiyama / istaniri 3arabi
recorded in Beirut, circa 1924,

I have no idea concerning the artistic value of those records and hardly know anything of what is on them, and would appreciate any explanation you can provide.

I am including a page of a 1932 baidaphon catalogue listing the Mitri al-Murr and the Germanos Shahadeh recordings, hoping it will be useful for your research.


06-05-2006, 02:37
I'm new to these forums. My grandfather used to talk about the great chanter Metropolitan Germanos, I wonder if this is the same one? These hymns are wonderful. Thank you for posting them. I'd love to hear more if you have them. I'm attaching a file of my grandfather's chanting as well. His name was Ibrahim Salim Khalaf.

06-05-2006, 02:54
The files...

06-05-2006, 20:04

This is indeed extremely rare, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

From a first listening this is definitely Greek Orthodox from the Antiochian church. I don't have any information about him.

The first piece, Fa majeur or chargah if we want is a lovely piece, and I have a gorgeous rendition of it by my father, and hopefully I'll find the cassette soon, and transform.

The second piece is the same piece in Mitri Morr's thread, but obviously Mitri's rendition is the best that I've heard.

I'll definitely try to find more info about the Mutran.

Raji, welcome to the forum, and thanks for your Grandfather's file.

06-05-2006, 20:14
Frederic you keep hitting me with one surprise after another!

I looked at the attached listing of Mitri's Baidaphone recordings:

- I would kill for the Innal Baraya recording

- Thoksa masa el Gom3ah el 3azeemah should be heaven

- And wow, if we can get his Mouashshah Thabyatal Unsi, and his Ya Biladi Ya Biladi (Nasheed Qawmi).

- And most surprising is that he recorded Anal Ummul Hazinah and Wa Habibi and Ya Mariyam el Bikr which are all maronite hymns and have nothing to do with the Orthodox church that he was a psalti in!

Until then I'll keep dreaming

Thanks! At least we know they exist!