مشاهدة جميع الاصدارات : Al-Gubbanji live recording of Qutur and Qasida

12-05-2006, 15:41
This is a file I got from Mr. Awj over at zeryab, and which I found to be quite amazing for more than one reason.

It starts with a reading (I'm not sure if it's complete), of Maqam Qutur (which a sub-maqam of Maqam Hijaz Diwan), followed by a poem in the old style set by al-Gubbanji himself, and then he reads a couple of couplets using Maqam Humayyun (introduced into iraqi music by himself I believe).

This should not be too difficult to appreciate for people who are not used to this music, so I hope somebody would enjoy this.

17-05-2006, 09:50
oh ...al-qubbanji is always amazing ...
this is a wonderful piece...
The one i didn't like is Yousef Omar , who i listened to first and made me walk away from the maqam music at the time .(i think i just didn't like his voice ..with respect to his ability )

17-05-2006, 10:21
oh, you're more than welcome,

regarding Al-Gubbanji, it is quite true that he's always amazing, though, as I said to Mr.Awj back at the zeryab forum, for people who are not experienced listeners who have a natural feeling for this music, listening to Al-Gubbanji's old 78's can be a bit tiresome, particularly due to the horrendous transfers they usually get, I mean, when zeryab transfers one of them, it sounds like the guy is singing in your living room, but when you get one of them off an old tape (as most of them are), it sounds, well.......

about yousef omar, it is true that he takes a huge bit of getting used to, but it's a shame he drove you away from this music, considering he's what got me into it in the first place.

the reasons could be his style, which in terms of vocal performance compared to Al-Gubbanji is somewhat more, how to say this, whiney, miserable, heart broken, and quite loud and even rude at sometimes (vocally speaking).

about his voice, I understand your opinion, but Yousef Omar does not really have a stable sort of voice you can judge, I mean, from early records where you can hear a voice with a huge amount of beauty and power, and a sort of distinctive nasal resonance that gives it a really tragic quality, right up to his late records where he was sick, with a big hoarse voice that is almost completely devoid of of suppleness or beauty in the traditional sense, but where you still get glimpses of that old resonance that tells you that this is after all yousef omar.

sorry for the big reply, but I was a bit overwhelmed that somebody actually replied in the iraqi section.

oh, and don't let anything drive you away from this music, it would be a huge loss if nobody cared about it anymore, I mean, I am a palestinian born in lebanon (where there is not a single tape or CD of this music on sale, and where absolutely nobody has even heard of it), and I still managed to like it.

17-05-2006, 10:42
oh don't worry ..i am learning to appreciate this music more day by day . The situation -needless to say -is the same in Egypt , no one knows this music outside of Iraq and the Gulf countries i guess...
this " whiney, miserable .."" thing is what makes some iraqi music difficult ..i remember a friend of mine said harshly why he does't like it using the word
For what attracts me to it on the other hand , i could use the word
which maybe has to do with the rivers running through the deserts :)

17-05-2006, 14:24
"حاج بقى تحطلّي هول إللي بنوحوا"

this used to be my mother's favourite sentence, until she got used to it.

what makes it sound a bit whiney is a particular ornament they have called a "bintayeh" I believe, which takes a bit of getting used to, but in the end becomes as attractive as any other ornament in arabic music. With yousef Omar though, the whining extends a bit to the voice and way of singing, which is perhaps why alot of people can't stand him, although I adore him.

about the "sweetness" (translation), I think it varies between different maqams, but I find Dashti is very sweet. I have two recordings of it, one by nazim il ghazali, and one by hassan khayyookah, pick one and it'll be up.

17-05-2006, 14:47
the Dasht (the nagham itself) takes me to the mountains high . ( it is quit linked to north Iraq and Iran, i actually heard it first through music from Iran )..i simply love it ...would never say no to a dashti piece ...

17-05-2006, 16:30
well, since you've put it that way, I'll post both. (one from Mr. Awj at Zeryab, and one from iraqimusic.com).

The first is Hassan Khayyookah, a student of Gubbanji, a remarkable singer with a very defined personality and huge share of pain in his voice (I'll be posting his rast later, which is nothing short of a masterpiece). The Maqam here is arranged by Mr.Jamil Bashir himself in a rather innovative way, with a rythmical refrain coming in after each piece of the Maqam. Oh, and this is the only file I have of this guy where he actually opens his mouth while singing, which is reason to rejoice.

The second has many problems: constant saturation, and pretty much everything that can go wrong with an audio file, but some magnificent singing.

it is said that Nazim never recorded the big main Maqams because he felt his voice was lacking in qarar. (I have a Madmi by him which is, well, lethal, as well as two other Madmi's by His teacher, al Gubbanji).

17-05-2006, 18:11
i know the Nazim file ...but have not listened to Khayyookah's ..checking it now ..i love Jamil's spirit ...

17-05-2006, 18:21
oh, if we're going to start talking about Jamil's spirit, we'll never be done, at least not this year.

I know you're not a big fan of Yousef Omar, but when you have the time, check out what jamil bashir does in the Maqam Ajam I posted a long time ago.

20-05-2006, 16:15
I have just reviewed the Dasht Daraumad by Karimi posted in the persian section, and similarity between iranian dasht and iraqi dasht is astounding.

04-07-2006, 21:08
Thank U For Ur Efforts It Were Execellent

12-07-2006, 16:06
well, the file has been downloaded 45 times not less, and nobody has thought of contributing something to this conversation. I'm not asking for amazing contributions, even a simple question about something would have been enough.

The file itself is very remarkable, so, I did expect a couple of remarks at least; so far, only Hatim has been kind enough to participate and encourage.

I'm going to put up the Khayyookah rast, even though his Dasht didn't get a single remark.

22-09-2007, 23:31
Loved all your comments reference the various files posted, and here are a few of my own:

Reference Jamil Bashir, completely agree with what has been said of this giant, and that he was, is and always will be. It's a bit of a shame that he was too much of a giant that family politics simply destroyed him. Those in the know will know what I'm talking about.
Reference Ustath Gubbenbchi introducing Hamayoun into Iraqi music, this is not entirely accurate. Hamayoun is a sub-maqam, and akin with most sub-maqams, it is very difficult to even attribute musical pieces/songs/compositions ...etc ont it's scale. That's in fact always been a puzzling aspect for myself both as a musician and an instrumentalist that people seem to attribute compositions to minor maqams, but that's a whole different academic argument. I intend a new posting about this subject when I have a bit of time.
I agree with the comment that it really does take a trained ear to some extent, and an appreciation of the Iraqi maqam for people to really listen to Ustad Gubbenchi and appreciate what is really happening and what is being done at many levels. Moreover, and this is by no means a criticism intended at our giant Gubbenchi, as years went by, Gubbenchi concentrated more on preserving the art of Maqam making and performance "by the book" as opposed to singing the Maqam for "shajan", "6arab" and "3uthooba" to borrow someone's very eloquent comment.
Finally, I wish to thank the maintainers of this site for a gem, well presented and preserved.



24-09-2007, 17:22
thank you and welcome Ahmed