مشاهدة جميع الاصدارات : 4 muwashshahat (2 and 3/4)

18-05-2006, 16:29
Two muwashshat packed in a strange single recording, with rast / el 3uyun el-kawaser followed by sika / bi-abi bahi l-gamal.

Ahmad Farid
Gramophone 7-212060/61

أبو علاء
18-05-2006, 17:46
فريد، أمر هذا الموشّح (العيون الكواسر) غريب حقّا، فهو أصلا من مقام الرّاست كما قلت، ولاحظ أنّه حتّى في صيغته تلك يغنّى على النّوى إن لم أكن مخطئا، لكنّ أحمد فريد هنا يغنّيه على السّيكاه وليس الرّاست، لذلك جاز له أن يجمعه مع موشّح آخر من نفس المقام ؛ وهذه السّيكاه إن صدقت أذني خالصة تماما على النّحو الّذي لم يلقه نجيب في سائر ألحان السّيكاه المصريّة الّتي كثيرا ما يشوبها الهزام.
كذلك صوت أحمد فريد هنا أفضل بكثير منه في دور حظّ الحياة.

18-05-2006, 18:25
I believe this is a Sikah (makam) piece from the beginning till the end!

Yes in the beginning they end the the singing on the note Rast (such as the ni in sabouni at 0'41) but the tonal center if you want is the clearly note of Sikah.

There are some hints of hicaz on Neva though, but not enough to qualify it as Huzzam.

In church we also use a pure sikah tone which is the fourth plagal tone.

The common thing is that it has also a Sikah (note) tonal center but the sentences end on doukah giving more a Bayat(Ussak) impression rather than the Rast impression that we heard in this wonderful Muashshah.

Thanks Fred.

I'm still dreading what muashshah 4 out of 4 is going to be - Allah Yestur :)

أبو علاء
18-05-2006, 18:34
Fred has a heavy backlog to catch up.:) Episode 5 of the First Masters is still missing, let alone the Female dor singers series he started long ago and said it was one of his priorities before going to something else and Safti's biftikarak 'ih yifidak of which we have only the first half. He promised to upload the full version a few weeks ago when he was still in vacation in Egypt... Sorry, Fred, but it's my duty to keep the books here

18-05-2006, 19:02
ولا تنسالي نفوسه البمباشيه الله يرضى عليك

18-05-2006, 22:48
I agree on this ambiguous nature of muwashshah "el 3uyun el kawaser", but daraget el rukuz is rast (or a transposition, what I mean is that the conclusive sentence is in gins rast).
So it could *loosely* be described as a muwashshah rast, although indeed it explores sikah.. But obviously, Ahmad Eff. Farid is set on sika from the beginning : the dulab is sika, not rast. I feel the muwashshah is essentially a prelude to what is for the singer's real interest : layali sika / yuruk sama3i...

18-05-2006, 22:50
شوفتوا بقى إزاي الموشحات مخزن الطرب ...؟.كل مقام و كل إيقاع و كل إللي نفسك فيه له موشح
شكر يا فريد على حلوياتك

19-05-2006, 00:53
@ Najib : I don't think I have any Nafusa al-Bimbashiyya in stock, did I say I had ? Will check it, but not likely. I *do* have some Amina al-Iraqeyya, some Fatma al-Baqqala, not mentioning Baheyya el-Mehallaweyya, though... All in due time.
(I'm hesitating between uploading Abdel Halim's "3oqbalak yom miladak" or Ragheb Alameh's "happy birthday to you", but I'm not sure you'd really understand those precious maqamian melodies. And unfortunately, Abd al-Hayy Hilmi's Zonophone recording of "sana helwa ya gamil" is unrecoverable).
@ Abu Ala' : episode 5 of First Masters is tomorrow. Last episode of muwashshat is sunday.
As for women singing adwar, we will return to this thread indeed. And Safti's be-ftekarak (different melody than Manyalawi's if my memory serves me well, another composer I think, on the same text and same maqam) will have to be retrieved, but I think it's already been digitalized.

أبو علاء
19-05-2006, 01:20
All this is both reassuring and promising. On my part, I have struggled all the night with my connection so as to upload a couple of things, but to no avail. God damn the Italaian! My connection speed is theoretically 4 Megabytes. I had it measured through their own site and guess what? 61 kbps in download and 7.5 in upload!!!
That's why, I couldn't upload El-'uyuni-l-kawasir in its original rast version by 'a'ishah Hasan after I digitised it for you. The same applies to Najib birthday present... I had a couple of mawlid files by 'ali Mahmud and Fashni for him and I tried at least ten times...
By the way, in the absence of 'abdi-l-hay Hilmi birthday song and as I don't want to hear of either 'abdi-l-halim or the other one, a couple of days ago, I "wrote" and "composed" my own birthday song for a friend. Unfortunately, his name is 'ahmad and it would be tricky to adapt it for Najib.:) You don't believe it do you? You are wrong! A perfectly respectable bayati wit a khana muhayyar and another one in hijazkar. What do you say about that?

19-05-2006, 01:40
Guys, thank you very much

El mouhim el Nawaya, and with you every day is a birthday!!

We should tweak the normal Happy Birthday and make it Rast, and then use it for everyone in the muntada!!!

@Fred: No, you did not promise Nafousa at all. I read her name in your paper, and I was wondering whether there are recordings of her.

أبو علاء
19-05-2006, 09:59
Finalmente! Here you are: