مشاهدة جميع الاصدارات : ميلاد النّجيب

أبو علاء
19-05-2006, 08:50
لقد عزّ عليّ أن يمرّ مولد النّحيب دون هديّة، غير أنّي لم أر ما عساني أهديه له، فرحت أبحث في الخزانة عمّا يستر العورة (عورة الفقر) وقلّبت بين ما كنت أنزلت من ملفّات من مصادر مختلفة ولم أكن قد استمعت إليها فضلا عن معالجتها، فعثرت بينها على تسحيلين لسهرتين من سهرات المولد أو أجزاء منهما لمنشدين عظيمين يحبّهما النّجيب هما علي محمود وتلميذه طه الفشني، وقد كنت قد أنزلتمهما من منتدى قرّاء القرآن الكريم، فقلت أن أعمل بالمثل التّونسيّ "الجود من الموجود" وأن أهديه هذين التّسجيلين رغم العيوب فإنّما الأعمال بالنّيّات.

These two recordings of parts of mawlid concerts given respectively given by 'ali Mahmud and Taha Al-fashni are my modest present to Najib for his birthday

19-05-2006, 12:11
Happy Birthday Najib.

I also wanted to oblige but I am still having trouble with my files uploading onto the site. I tried many ways without success. Therefore I will send it to you Najib to listen to and enjoy then share with the group.

Thanks Mohsen for these precious pieces ( I think you sent quisset al mae#walid yesterday under the name "il-mawlid il-nabawi" but Ziyadet el khair khair, and all I can say:

يا سلام سلم

هل تعلم كيف تحصل ذروة الطرب عندي؟

أبو علاء
19-05-2006, 12:31
You're welcome, dear friend. No, I didn't send the same file twice. Actually, the one you saw yesterday was posted by Zalzal and although it's possible it's from the same concert I don't think it's the same piece. In fact, the titles were added by myself in view of the content.

19-05-2006, 12:44
Thanks Mohsen,

You know how much I like Sheikh Taha, Allah yer7am trabu. These files are so precious for me.

Hilal, thank you very much for your super kind words, ya ibn baladi.

I wanted to ask you what problems are you facing with uploads?

أبو علاء
19-05-2006, 12:56
You're welcome, my dear friend. Long live to you and to the forum! I just have a prayer to all the dear ones: please notify us well in advance of your birthdays so that we are not taken by surprise. This time, we more or less satarna-l-hal, but I don't guarantee anything in the future. I simply can't imagine what the hell I can offer to Fred on his birthday. I think I'm going to ban any mention of birth date in the personal files of members to be on the safe side.:)

19-05-2006, 14:47
Fantastic files Abu 3ala. He is unbelievable.

أبو علاء
19-05-2006, 14:50
Well! This means it's time I listened to them myself!:)