: Ensemble des femmes d'Istanbul

22-05-2006, 02:39
Yesterday I bought the 1994 Al Sur album "Chants du Harem" of the Ensemble des femmes d'Istanbul and I was quite moved by a song called "Gl yzllerin sevkine gel nus edelim mey". The ensemble consist of four singers: Selam Ersoz, Nevin Ornek, Melihat Glses and Asuman Asim; Alev Erguner and Ause Koksun - kanun, Binnaz Bascar - kemence, Meral Incilli - ud and Gamze Koprek - tanbur.

For those who - like me - don't understand the lyrics, here is the English translation:
"Come enjoy these rosy faces, come taste the wine
Let us have fun in love while it is still time
It is the carafe who speaks to the cup but what does she say
Doum d r la dir na t n dir na t n dir wine."

22-05-2006, 15:23
thank you Paul.

Melihat's Gazel in the middle of the song is hauntingly beautiful. I love her voice.


22-05-2006, 16:49
Najib, actually I had you in mind when I posted this song - I hoped you like it.

22-05-2006, 16:54
I found the CD second hand, but any idea where I can find it original?

Is that from Axel?

22-05-2006, 23:07
Yes, I bought it from Axel Elbin. But probably you won't find it in his catalogue. He was in Berlin and set up his shop at an Arabic concert in our hall (the concert was not worth reporting in detail) and he had a bunch of used CDs he was selling cheap for a friend of his. I bought the album from that, together with some others I haven't listened to yet. In fact he still has quite a lot of the Al Sur CDs. It might be worth enquiring by mail if you're looking for something particular, since he quite often has more than what he advertises in his newsletters.

By the way, for everyone else besides Najib: Axel Elbin is a German guy selling CDs from his mobile shop or through internet. He's specialized in Indian music and music from the Muslim world, is well stocked generally and really knows what he is selling. He has a monthly newsletter:

14-06-2006, 20:29
Thanks a million Paul!
I am in love with this song. I heard it by Burhan Ocal, and I love it. I am so delighted to hear another production, which is more colourful than Ocal's. You put a smile on my face today!

The beautiful Turkish pop singer Sezen Aksu sang the song in a concert at the Rumeli Hisar (Byzantine Citadel) in Istanbul, and she described the song saying: "This is the first song which carried me from being a singer in a choir to a soloist." Sezen was the first voice I hear few hours after I landed in Istanbul for the first time, I was haunted by the depth and passion of her voice.

In any case, here are the lyrics in Turkish, and until I learn Turkish, can someone translate the full text for us!!


Gl yzllerin şevkine gel, nuş edelim mey aman aman
işret edelim yar ile şimdi, demidir hey aman aman
bu kavli srahi eğilip sagara söylere, ne der
dmderela dir, na tene dir, na tenedir hey

mecliste alındı yine tambur ile neyler hey aman aman
aşık-ı biarelerin gönln eyler
daire semai tutarak ney meye söyler, ne der
dmderela dir, na tene dir, na tenedir hey

mecliste durur cmle ayağ stne beyler hey aman aman
iin ielim deyu komuş başına eller
bu savtı okur gya blbl-i olur her dil
dmderela dir, na tene dir, na tenedir hey

15-06-2006, 00:47
Sezen Aksu? Definitely a great singer - unfortunately not singing my kind of music, mostly. I have one of her albums though which I really like, where she's singing Goran Bregovic's compositions ("The Wedding and the Funeral"). She was here two years back and what I heard was that she drinks at least a bottle of Cognac per day and does have some liking to put white powders inside her nose as well. Still almost every single Turk of Berlin put on his/her best clothes to attend her concert. The Berlin newspaper reviews read something like "be ashamed, Germans, for not knowing how to dress properly. Learn from your Turkish neighbours how to behave on a great occasion!"

15-06-2006, 23:24
Thanks Paul ..it has a nice sphere ....
i know Axel and ordered once from him .he does have a good collection .,the first time was also his mobile shop outside the hall of Anouar Brahem's concert (2005 ) ...i will always remember it..i wanted to buy like 3 cd's ,had to pay in cach but I had only the price of one in my pocket..! :) ...