مشاهدة جميع الاصدارات : Safti's "Layali l-wasl"

22-05-2006, 10:15
Since "ya ghusna naqa" didn't really catch Abu Ala's ears, and Sett Hasibeh horripilated him, I see no other solution than offering what he has been so desperately craving for : A muwashshah sung by Sayyid al-Safti. And a 2 side record, if possible, wagba dasima.
So today's wagba dasima will be :

muwashshah / Layali l-wasl 3indi 3id (qadim / maqam higaz / murabba3)
Gramophone 11-12941/42
recorded Cairo june 1910
issued february 1912
الشيخ سيد الصفتي
موشح ليالي الوصل عندي عيد
مقام حجاز، أصول مربع، شعر ولحن قديم

[The edge of the record is worn out, but the technical quality is not that bad. The editing between the 2 sides is a little harsh, but not a single note was omitted, it *does* begin with the voice.]

أبو علاء
22-05-2006, 10:33
Ahu kidak-kalam! Do I pronounce well?:)
Safti is such a good muwashshah and dawr interpreter and this muwashshah is one of the nicest. Just imagine a waslah of muwashshahs in hijaz including this one, hajarni fada'ni bi-l-bi'ad, badri 'adir ka'sa-t-tila and ma-htiyali!. A feast of that very tatrib against which Mr 'abdilwahab and co wage such a relentless war (I remeber his anecdote about the people of nadi-l-musiqa ash-sharqi chasing him because he altered the qafla of that other lovely muwashshah in hijaz, imlali ya durri) for the sake of their so-called ta'bir.
By the way, Fred, I posted a comment on muwashshah, its relatively secondary status in the classical waslah as compared to its artistic value, on the one hand, and its hypothetical origins on the other, a couple od days ago. I would like to know what you think of all that. I know mine is more of a question or a series of questions than serious answers, but don't you think such interrogations relevant?

22-05-2006, 20:05
How can someone sing so beautifully and so freely on a 13 beats rhythm is beyond the comprehension of my little brain.

Thank you ya sidi.

30-05-2006, 17:30
ايقاعتهم الطبيعية فبل مانمشي ورا الأربعة من الأربعة و نبتدي العد اياه