مشاهدة جميع الاصدارات : Perhaps a request more to the liking of the forums...

23-05-2006, 21:31
Hey guys,

I have to say that before recently, I had not really heard much from George Michel, but thanks to this forum (as well as Zeryab's), I've found quite a number of great recordings (in the post for masters of the egyptian oud on zeryab, or the Waslah rast-huzzam, and the hijaz kar one, if I remember correctly).

I wonder if you all have more for him. It's quite nice to hear a great sharqee taqsim (which is apparently quite rare to find). I have to say that I listened to that taqsim in the Waslah rast-huzzam file continuously for a few weeks after I found it here.

Anyway, thanks in advance!


P.S. Let me know if I just request too much... I feel like I've found a gold mine here, but I don't want to abuse my role as a member in the forums.

أبو علاء
23-05-2006, 21:58
There's no abuse at all. This is the place to post requests and everybody will spare no effort to content you provided they have what you're looking for and it falls within the scope of this forum and if by any chance it doesn't, please, don't take it personally and don't think there's any offensive or hostile intention in our failing to respond or drawing your attention to such discrepancy. Regards.

24-05-2006, 12:11
You never request too much my friend.

Have you listened to George Michel's Kurd Taksim in the Bilidi Kurd waslah.

I listened to it 20 years ago, and I am still listening to it now :-)

26-05-2006, 17:57
Did you listen to the nahawand taqasim i posted here?

26-05-2006, 19:21
Sorry I've only listened to it now.

This is out of this world. His Rash with the plectra is so unique.

Thanks my friend.

26-05-2006, 23:37
Hey oudman,

I actually did hear this, and man, I have to say, it's one of my favorites now. I really like 0:34-0:46. Unbelievable stuff. He plays with an amazing amount of feeling.

Any idea on how old he was when he was doing the recordings that we have for him here? I know that video posted on El-Ashmawy's site has him probably in his late 40's or 50's (?), and that the CD he recorded for Rashid had him incredibly aged.

Thanks again,


27-05-2006, 11:50
now I feel justified at watching people rave about Ahmad Fathi and all the new guys in the arabic oud business (I'm sorry to give names, but a little criticism might actually do some good), while being completely unmoved and looking quite confused over all the fuss.

I mean, in the old days, the arabic oud was completely tarab, perhaps with some technical short comings compared to our fellow turks, but then you got somebody like George Michel who was both, 100% tarab, and 100% technique (if you can make sense of that), and they basically brought the arabic oud school a degree of professionalism and technical finish, that both made it an equal of turkish technique, as well as being completely distinct in terms of personality and spiritual orientation.

And now, what's happening, we are trying to imitate the turks (or at least what we think the turks are doing, neglecting people like Cinuncen) with breathless runs, and acrobatic leaps all over the fingerboard. The truth is, it won't work, Bacanos alone could have technically sweeped all our newbies under the rug with one single taksim, while providing more "arabic tarab" than players who are arabs.

to be honest, the sorry state of arab oud players has gotten me to almost completely give up on the oud as anything other than accompaniment. I'm starting to think about finding me a turkish kanun teacher in the future, w bala hal oud business min 2aslo.

الله يعين على هالزمان الرديء