مشاهدة جميع الاصدارات : I have to respond

07-06-2006, 18:51
when Paul hits us with a wonderful cassette like this, I feel I am obliged to respond.

so here we go. A dini suite composed by Cinucen Tanrikorur

1st Part is Tchargah Fasli with soloist Alaeddin Yavastcha.

07-06-2006, 18:56
5, 6, and 7

07-06-2006, 19:04
Notice the wonderful voice of Hfiz Ali Inan in Track 9 (Ussak)

Notice that track 10 is Bayat.

Homework: try to spot the difference between the two makams

07-06-2006, 19:12
12, 13 and 14

07-06-2006, 19:16
15 and 16 (last part)

The Cd is by the very elusive label of Istanbul Baladyesi (The municipality of Istanbul)

07-06-2006, 19:44
و نعم الرسبونس.

seriously, I think Mr. Paul will be quite pleased with this response,

as for me, well, I have official exams coming up, so, head banging is out of the question.

having a million thanks to give you however, is quite permissible I suppose.

so, thanks*10^6

08-06-2006, 00:13
Oh yes, I am pleased - that is the kind of response I like. Najib, it makes me almost ashamed that I just provoked you with my bad remarks on Charbel Rouhana, not yet knowing that in the meantime you had put up such a lavish banquet of beautiful music just next door...

08-06-2006, 00:26
Man you never provoke me, it's a pleasure to exchange ideas and thoughts with you on any forum. Furthermore it's a pleasure to even disagree with you :-)

By the way what you were listening to (Paco Pena) seemed just a Hakem kind of evening. He is back in Cairo no, but he hasn't surfaced on the internet yet!

14-06-2006, 18:46
Yes back in Cairo
But I have been hijacked by Istanbul! Bought a Ney and few Ney CDs, spending my time listening to lots of Niazi Sayin!

But, I leave you guys for a month I come back today, only to find more Hafiz Burhan and Cinucen Tanrikorur! A brotherly advice, don't visit Istanbul unless you are willing to go on a one-way ticket!