مشاهدة جميع الاصدارات : Guide for collectors : the discography of Salih ‘Abd al-Hayy

12-06-2006, 15:11
Once more, please send corrections and additions.


12-06-2006, 16:09
are we talking only about 78rpm recordings ? i don''t think there will be a lot to add here in this case ..seems he focused on the radio for a long time :)
or should we add things like cassete releases also ? (10 or 11 for Saleh in Egypt i think )..

12-06-2006, 16:34
this is only a 78rpm list, other recordings should constitute another list, a very interesting one as well...

12-06-2006, 16:51
yes it is good to compile another list for his cassette releases (there's is not much of them in Egypt at least ..i will take care of this ).. they are still the only available commercial recordings in Egypt still in the market for some Othman / Hamuly adwar ..( i am not counting el-musiqa el-arabia releases ).
and for how long ? soon ,it will be even difficult to find any thing by him ...!

14-06-2006, 00:26
i took a look now at this list ..thanks for confirming ewa'ak ya qalbi teqoul mallet is a monologue :) and zakaria 's too ..
there's only 16 records for polyphon ??? (1927-28 ) if i am reading this right ?

asl eshtebaki ma'aa el-mahbub -mawal - is also a 2 side polyohon record (3809) , i don''t see it in the list ..
also elfehres of dar el-kutub mentions : atani zamani -dor-polyphon 43793 :2sides
-taqsim Hesar Buslik oud Polyphon 42869 2sides (taqsim oud ???!!)
-Sabah El-Sabah : Mawal : Polyphon 43801 (2sides)

these are the only ones for polyphon not mentined in your disco ..
there's also a couple of records with a strange label name ""homocord هوموكورد
1-al-woudoudi الودودي
25088 2sides
2-كل جميل تشوفه العين غناء صالح تخت القضابي -الشوا

3-حبيت جميل تخت القضابي و الشوا

14-06-2006, 00:32
found it ...fal-tahya el-internet ..a german label :

http://www .ljudochbildarkivet.se/SLBA/NOTISER/discografi/dating_homocord.htm

http://www. collectable-records.ru/labels/E_M/homocord/index.htm

- Homocord Record [1]
- Homokord Record [2]
here http://www .romfi.com/category.cfm?Category=)!A%5D%23XL%20DW'P-%0A