مشاهدة جميع الاصدارات : Sulayman Abu Dawud : a forgotten voice 2/3

15-06-2006, 13:51
Odeon 45118 1/2
dor / Meslak eza hakam bel-3adl-e 'ahsan
composer : Mahmud al-Khadrawi
maqam : huzam

— Erham yabu dawud !
— Hader.

دور / مثلك إذا حكم بالعدل أحسن
محمود الخضراوي، مقام هزام

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15-06-2006, 22:28
I am a bit slow in responding these days, my wife dumped two kids (one of them half-toilet trained) on me and left for Lebanon for few days, so your files come as a blessing in middle of my mess :-)

- Does the disc hang a bit between 7'19 and 7'22 or is my download?

- A beautiful dor indeed. I notice that he is gently exploring the ins and outs of Huzzam all over the dor. So you don't feel a "brusque" change of makam or colouring.

Everything is cleverly woven into the Huzzam makam. A joy to listen to.

16-06-2006, 00:00
Not anymore, I've just edited the original aiff file and uploaded new mp3s.

أبو علاء
16-06-2006, 00:59
Fred, why didn't you upload the usuual "heavy" version beside the "light" one (in terms of compression)? This recording was uploaded by Mahmoud some time ago but I'm sure your copy is of much better quality. So, we'll probably have to delete the other one. This dawr is a beautiful one indeed and I knew first through a remarkable interpetation by Salih 'abdi-l-hay I posted in the waslah sticky. I have to listen again to 'abi Dawud's version before commenting on it. Tomorrow is my last day in Spain and I will go back to Rome after three weeks absence. So it will take a couple of days more before I resume a steady presence in the forum with more significant contributions.

16-06-2006, 01:36
You came at the wrong moment, the usual "heavy" was on its way. There it is now... I changed the file, the first version had a bad scatch at the end.