مشاهدة جميع الاصدارات : Salha and Prince Miqdad

24-06-2006, 19:25
I'm putting this up especially for our dear Najib, who had commented about the relation between Farajallah Bayda's Mawwal and Wadeeh al-Safi's music. Here is another link in the discussion of what the region's music is about.

The file is a chance find, thanks to the people over at the university of Heidelberg who have a really obsessive department of semetic studies, (I found the department while I was looking for recordings of western aramaic).

Now for the file itself, a recording of a Druze Qasidah from Beit Jann in Al-Jaleel (palestine). The recitor is Yusuf Shahin (no more than a peasant as far as I could tell), and I can't figure out the writer of the poem (which has everything from love, to blood and gore).

these are the data that came with the file

Tondokument "Sâlha und der Amîr Micdâd"
Großraum: Syrien-Palästina
Land: "Israel"
Region: Galiläa
Ort: Bêt Jann

Sprecher: Yûsif Shâhîn
Bearbeiter: Rafi Talmon

Sprachtyp: Arabisch
Dialekttyp: Drusisch
Thema: Qasîda

Veröffentlicht in Al-Karmel, Heft 18/19 (1997/98). Der Verfasser der Qasîda ist unbekannt (in der Qasîda selbst wird er Ali Shacbân genannt). Die Aufnahme mit Yûsif Shâhîn machte Layla Farrâj aus dem Bêt Jann benachbarten Dorf ar-Râma. Es gibt weitere Aufnahmen derselben Qasîda von anderen Sängern aus drusischen Dôrfern.

basically not much information to go by, but it's interesting to note that there exist other recordings of the same poem by singers from other Druze villages.

أبو علاء
24-06-2006, 19:55
If my reading is correct, the title should be "Salha and Prince Miqdad", 3amr. With your permission, I'll correct it accordingly.

24-06-2006, 20:10
the original german text had some sort of symbol that I thought was a 'ain, although it could have bin a qaf, it got turned into a C when I pasted the info, although which is correct I don't know.

thanks for the help

24-06-2006, 20:17
Yes of course the link with the turkish Gazel is very obvious.


24-06-2006, 20:18
you're more than welcome.

01-04-2007, 13:14
There is much more information about this recording, the text, the lyrics, in Rafi Talmon's article about this qasida in Majallat al-karmal, University of Haifa

here a part of the article included, and, good news, it's in Arabic, not in German nor in Hebrew...

02-04-2007, 17:15
إسم الأمير هو كما تفضل كاتب المقالة معضاد، و قد أردت تصحيح الأسم لكني نسيت،

لا أعلم أي شيء عن الأستاذ طلمون، لكن أسلوب ترجمة الحروف إلى اللاتيني الذي يتبعه هو على ما أعتقد من تطوير أولريش سيغر، و هو حاليا استاذ في جامعة هيدلبيرغ (و موقع الجامعة المذكورة على الإنترنت هو مصدر هذا التسجيل) و الجدير بالذكر أن هذا النظام في ترجمة الحروف هو أفضل ما وجدت لحفظ اللهجات العربية العامية في الخط اللاتيني.

الجدير بالذكر أن النص الألماني المذكور أعلاه يذكر "الكرمل" كالمطبوعة التي نشرت فيها القصيدة، و ها أنت قد أتيت بها مشكورا.

02-04-2007, 18:12
The late Rafi Talmon was an Israeli scholar, a professor of linguistics and dialectology.
I will try to scan the whole article if you are interested in it, but not much time these days..

04-04-2007, 20:00
Thank you very much Amr ,i love sung stories - epics ..

04-04-2007, 21:22
you're welcome.

considering how little I contribute here in terms of uploaded files, I'm glad to have been of some service.

as for the poem itself, the dialect is quite easy to understand which is perhaps because it is a "qasida" though not in the classical arabic sense, I'm glad you enjoyed it.