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Born in Kirklareli in 1966, Göksel Baktagir began his music education at the age of eight under the supervision of his father Muzaffer Baktagir. He graduated in 1988 from ITU State School of Art for Turkish Music where he was registered in 1983. A year later, he started his graduate study at the same school.

In the same year he was appointed as the kanun (zither) player to the State Turkish Music Group of Istanbul which was under direction of Tanburi Necdet Yasar. During this period, he gave concerts in England, France, Belgium, Denmark, Holland, Switzerland and Türkmenistan with the Necdet Yasar Ensemble and with various other groups.

Göksel Baktagir began to compose during his studentship in the conservatory and has done 140 compositions, 35 vocal and 105 instrumental works. Most of his works are incliuded in TRT repertoire. His zavil ("a style in Turkish music") instrumental work, "Sazim" (My Instrument), was awarded by a contest organized by TRT in 1990. His muhayyerkürdi song "Tek Kelime" ("A Single Word"), was among the 10 most popular songs of 1997 in a contest organized by the newspaper Milliyet. In 2000, his album "Dogu Rüzgan" ("The Wind of East"), was awarded by the Turkish Authors' Association (Türkiye Yazartar Birligi).

Baktagir has been working on the "left hand" technique that is unique to him since 1984 along with other techniques in the performance of the zither. Recognized as one of the leading artists of our time in traditional performance of the zither, he evaluated all opportunities and limits of the intrument, which is originally a Turkish music intrument and broadened the perspective towards other world musics. In this context he succeeded in creating superb works in some genres such as New Age and Jazz and gave concerts with various western Jazz Groups. He performed with Susan Kalifastau in the Akbank Jazz Festival 1994 and with Lawrence "Butch" Morris in the Akbank Jazz Festival 1995. The 1995 concert was released as an album in 1996.

Upon the invitation of Burhan Öcal in 1997, Baktagir performed in a concert in France with several other musicians; Arif Erdebil (nay), Yurdal Tokcan (oud) and Selim Güler (kemence). This concert was also released as an album "Orient Secret" in 1998. He performed with the Mercan Dede Ensemble in a concert "Selimname - Evrensele Acilan Kapinin Aydinlik Sesleri" in May 2000, and since 1998 he has been giving concerts with the group "Istanbul Sazendelen" around Turkey, expecially in academic institutions.

Göksel Baktagir has some recorded works such as "Okyanustaki Sesler" which includes his twenty instrumental works he composed in the framework of the classical norms: "Kervansaray-3", "Gunluk", "Dogu Rüzgari", "Okyanustaki Sesler-2 (Cananim)", "Okyanustaki Sesler-3 (Huzun)", "Sezgiyle seslenisler", "Café Istanbul", and "Hayal gibi". Baktagir composed for the soundtrack of the documentary about Istiklal Marsi (The National Anthem) produced by CNN Türk.

He is working on a "zither metod" to be published and his book "Okyanustaki Sesler", which will include the scores of his works that are in his albums, is about to be published.
Along with his primal appointment in the State Turkish Music Group of Istanbul, he also performs in the Istanbul Fasil Group and the Istanbul Tasavvuf (Sufi) Music Group. He participated in the "International Rabat Festival" in Morocco and the "Bas Carsi Festival" in Sarajevo in which he did 7 CD and cassette recordings.

In recent years Göksel Baktagir has been giving lectures in the Mimar Sinan University State School of Art and the Halic University.

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Thanks and Welcome

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Thanks, Shakti, and I add my welcome to Hatim's. Feel comfortable around here. You must already have seen that this forum specializes on strictly classical music.

29-09-2006, 20:23
Meltem is The best composition of Göksel Baktagir for me.
MELTEM - Kürdili hicazkar Saz Semai and Kanun Taksimi

30-09-2006, 13:54
Many thanks for those tracks. Wonderful indeed. Can you please tell us which album those two tracks are from?

I was walking in İstanbul last May in İstiklal Caddesi. and heard a beautiful Kanun, I stood listening until the piece was over, it was haunting! Went into the shop and it was Goksel Baktagir's album "Hayal Gibi 2". Here it is, would love to share it with you.

Track: Hicaz Saz Semaîsi - Garip
Album: Hayalgibi 2 (Dreamlike 2)

Goksel Baktagir (Kanun & composer)
Ceyhun Celikten (Piyano)
Baki Kemancı (Keman)

30-09-2006, 14:36
Thanks to both bekirbakoglu and Hakem for Göksel Baktagir's music. For myself, I prefer his solo works to his arrangements with ensemble - these sometimes comes too close to new age music for my taste. But Göksel Baktagir is definitely among today's greatest kanun players.

30-09-2006, 15:10
Very true about the "new age" part. I find it somewhat meditative and invoking.

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goksel baktagir - ceyhun celikten = hayal gibi

goksel baktagir - cafe istanbul - tsm
DownloadLink: ********

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Please, no downlowd links here. You can (and you have to) upload your files you want to share in the thread.

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You must upload only samples of a disk not the whole disk.