مشاهدة جميع الاصدارات : Munir Bashir and Sala Sala!!!

28-08-2006, 13:19
This is my present to Hatim by the way!

Sala Sala

There has been previously a "discussion" on the song in the Turkish/Greek section:


Also Melhem Barakat has produced an awful vulgar version of it under "Hizzi Hizzi Mahremtek" (not that I expect better from Barakat).

However, to my surprise, I found out last summer that it exists in the Iraqi Makam tradition.

Here is Munir Bashir leading the Iraqi Traditional Music Group, in a CD that was released by Harmonia Mundi last summer. It features Sala Sala in the middle of a suite of Iraqi Makam music.

The track is titled Ninava.


28-08-2006, 14:48
Thanks Najib , i have this album and did not notice (well i only knew Sala Sala recently from the thread above )..
i took the chance when it was quite and went through many old threads i missed ,but still have not finished yet :)

29-08-2006, 09:31
الف شكر يا نجيب....دائما تلمع عبقرية منير وريشته ولو كان بالمرافقه....جميييييييله