مشاهدة جميع الاصدارات : أقبل اللّيل : دار سنما قصر النّيل 7 مايو 1970

أبو علاء
26-11-2006, 11:18
آخر تسجيلات إذاعة الأغاني.

Another concert

26-11-2006, 16:26
Thank you so much Abu A'laa. I like this song a lot. I don't think the melody allows for much improvisations, and hence we don't hear any. Of course, this is not to mention that in 1970, the Om Kulthoum we know and love was gone in terms of vocal capabilities (even though she was more popular than ever at the time). But I still find it amazing that the lady still stood for hours on the stage in 1970 and sang this type of songs!! Also, it's great that the audience still appreciated these poems at the time when Om Kulthoum started singing the light azjal of Mursi Jamil Aziz and Ahmad Shafiq Kamel. It's interesting that three of the last four songs Sunbati composed for Om Kulthoum were "formal" poems: Aqbala-Llaylu, Men Ajle A'ynayka, and Athulathiyya-l-Muqqaddasa (the fourth song among the last ones is El-Albe Yea'shaa' Kolle Gameel).

The atmosphere of this song reminds me a lot of another of Sunbati's 70's songs, namely Ashwaq. And to a certain extent it reminds of Intidhar, which Souad Mohammad sang (but I don't know the date of this one).

Question: at the end, when the announcer lists the names of the musicians playing with Om Kulthoum that night, he mentions an instrument, but I can't understand what it is. It's the one mentioned after the percussionist Hussein Mua'awwad. The person who plays the instrument is named as Ahmad Sobhi; can someone clarify what the name of the instrument is and what kind of instrument that is?

One final question Abu A'laa: when you wrote "the last recording", did you mean the last song you recorded, or is the last song this station broadcasts?

Once again, thanks very much Abu A'laa.

أبو علاء
26-11-2006, 16:41
One final question Abu A'laa: when you wrote "the last recording", did you mean the last song you recorded, or is the last song this station broadcasts

Let me first reassure you that I meant this was yesterday's broadcast (I finally have an mp3 encoder which resolves the problem of duration and allows for a faster processing and posting even though I'm the loss in sound quality is rather frustrating). I'm glad you liked it. As I already mentioned in another thread, to me, this is Sunbati's last great work for 'um kalthum and, although one couldn't expect much from a 1970 performance, it's interesting enough to have such a long performance of this beautiful song so that one can safely post it without infringing Fred's rules.
'ahmad Subhi plays bungus, which is a percussion instrument

26-11-2006, 17:30
'ahmad Subhi plays bungus, which is a percussion instrument

Thanks for the information Abu A'laa.
The name of the instrument sounds like another instrument that some guy played, accompanying Sunbati when he sang Sahran. But I don't think that instrument was a
percussion. Was that called Gunbus?


أبو علاء
26-11-2006, 19:05
The percussion is bungus, whereas the string one played by Qalayli is gunbush.

26-11-2006, 20:55
bungus, otherwise simply spelled "bongos" ya nas...

أبو علاء
26-11-2006, 22:02
Don't get angry, Fred! If this is a latin word, I simply didn't know it.

26-11-2006, 22:29
and I never heard it before, neither in Latin nor in Arabic :-)
I couldn't even tell what the announcer was saying when he mentioned it...

So, this is the bongo:

Now I know what it is. Why didn't the announcer simply say "Tablah"???? :mad:


21-12-2006, 00:52
Because it's not, it's not the same sound as the sound produced by a standard darabukka with a fish skin (raqma), it's the Caribean drum, and it probably got integrated in the orchestra for its peculiarity. I don't even know if it plays dum and tak or just dums... Please, specialist needed !