مشاهدة جميع الاصدارات : Urgent!

01-12-2006, 00:39
I just noticed that it's 3amr's birthday today :-)

Many happy returns 3amr, you have been a pilar of this forum.

أبو علاء
01-12-2006, 00:53
I can't agree more.
Sorry! I missed it too. With this "huge" numbe of members and several of them having their birthdays everyday, I don't any longer notice the display. I have to say, due to the same huge number and to the kind of people coming in these days, we've been quite busy cleaning the rubbish going all over the place....
By the way, today is the hundredth birthday of Sunabati. I know 3amr would have preferred it to be Zakariya's (wouldn't you?). But, well, that's still something to have been born the same day as such a great composer.
Long live to our youngest and yet most brilliant forum mate and might your muiscal life be as distinguished as that of Sunbati.

01-12-2006, 18:52
I don't know what to say, everybody here has been so kind, and it is a fact that I gain much more here than I could ever hope to repay.

I didn't realize that I have the same birthday as Sunbati, now having either Sunbati or Zakariyya on my birthday would be equally fine with me (they are both so different in terms of style of composition and performance). Now it's certainly better then having someone else born on my birthday (I think you know to whom I'm referring).

Unfortunately, yesterday was also the the birthdate of a certain Winston Churchil.

Thanks again for everything.