: Ghazal par Yusuf Bilgin -extraordinaire-

03-12-2006, 09:36
"Uyan Ey Gozlerim" ghazal dans le maqam Muhayyer par Yusuf Bilgin..
Ce ghazal est enregistr par Kudsi Erguner la mosque de Fatih Istanbul,au cours d'une crmonie de commmoration d'Ulvi Erguner (pre de Kudsi Erguner) en 1980

les paroles:

uyan ey gozlerim gafletten uyan
uyan ey uykusu cok gozlerim uyan
azrailin kasti canadir inan
uyan ey uykusu cok gozlerim uyan

seherde uyanir hep cumle kuslar
dilli dillerince tesbihe baslar
tevhid eder daglar, agaclar, taslar
uyan ey uykusu ok gozlerim uyan

bu dunya fanidir sakin aldanma (x2)
magrur olup tac-u tahta guvenme
uyan ey uykusu ok gozlerim uyan

benim, murad kulun, sucumu affet
sucum bagisla gunahim refet
hazretin sancagi dibinde hasret


03-12-2006, 10:17
Ey Kasifi Huda Mevlana ,ghazal,dans le maqam ussak,par Yusuf Bilgin.
Enregistr au cours d'une crmonie mevlevi en 1981..Monsieur Bilgin chant sur un pome de louange Rmi.

De plus,il y a le dhikr entendu au fond.

03-12-2006, 12:30
I couldn't find anyway of replying to this in french, it's just too amazing.

Yusuf Bilgin could well be the best voice in turkey today (I'm assuming, and hoping he's still alive with many years ahead).

The force of his high notes, and his ornaments, makes him the heir of Hafiz Kemal in my eyes (or ears), although Hafiz Kemal's ornaments were somewhat more sublime, the presence of such a voice and technique in this day and age is nothing short of astounding.

anybody care to do a makamic comparison with the muhayyer gazal in the algazi thread? (aman-i nazre..).

aside from the difference in the komas, does anybody here agree that jumping from muhayyar into saba is somewhat weird? (compare with Husayni where saba is a common modulation).

09-12-2006, 17:22
şkran ya ahi