مشاهدة جميع الاصدارات : Inter. Labels & Oriental Music

08-01-2007, 17:25
جائتني الفكرة من العزيز برهان, أن نجمع عنواين مواقع المراكز و الشركات العالمية المنتجة للموسيقى الشرقيةالكلاسيكية
هنا. بداية ب

Will dedicate this thread to the basic info - site addresses of the international labels that produce Oriental Art music . starting with INEDIT.

كتيبات مفيدة لاصدارات
باللغتين الفرنسية و الانجليزية أسفلها

Here is the link of the French INEDIT label and the CD booklets



08-01-2007, 19:41
Thanks for this link.

Unfortunately two of their CDs are out of print.

The nidaa abou mrad one, and the syriac church one.

Any chance of getting them from anywhere?

09-01-2007, 01:01
Hatim, thanks for the links. Inedit is indeed one of the best world music labels - I have yet to come across a second-rank album in their catalogue. I buy their CDs without listening first and have never been disappointed. I didn't know though they put the booklets for download for free on their website. Great!

Najib, I have the Nidaa Abou Mrad album - very nice music. He is playing kemenche rather than violin if I remember correctly. I can upload the CD here or at rapidshare (and send you the link by PM). What do you prefer?

09-01-2007, 10:17
of course we should mention that this is not exactly a commercial label but part of Ministry of Culture and Francophony (Maison des cultures du monde ) under direction f Cherif Khazndar)..
Najib I got Nidaa 's cd via Axel in Germany ,i think you can still find it there if you want the original .. I admit i liked it less than his music in the Egyptian tradition . He is playing the joza in it (no violin).

للعلم المؤسسة ثقافية و تابعة لوزارة الثقافة و الشئون الفرانكوفونية الفرنسية
المشرف هو شريف خازندار

09-01-2007, 13:50
Thanks Ambrose and Hatim,

me being me, I'd rather get the original if possible, so an e-mail to your friend Axel is on its way.

If I arrive to a dead wall, I'll let you know.


10-01-2007, 15:10
ofcourse next to INEDIT we should add :
OCORA . Radio France


French label Ocora (Office de Cooperation Radiophonique) was founded in 1957 by composer, pianist and musicologist Charles Duvelle as a facility to train technicians from Africa for work in national broadcasting services in the emergent post-colonial countries.

The series always employed exacting standards to ensure the musical, acoustic and temporal authenticity of the pieces. Ocora Radio-France recordings became alongside Smithonian Folkways recordings a world famous collection for traditional music resources on records.

(note you will find many of the albums on this forum: skafunkrastapunk . com

راديو فرنسا أوكورا(مكتب التعاون الاذاعي) أسسه عام 1957 شارل دوفيل في البدء لتدريب الفنيين الاذاعيين الأفارقة في الدول المستقلة حديثا...


10-01-2007, 15:33
من فرنسا لأمريكا
سميث سونيان فولك وايز... قد تكون أقل نشاطا في المنطقة العربية
اسطوانة عازف العود العراقي رحيم الحاج الحديثة فخمة الانتاج بكتيب عربي و انجليزي

The American Smithonian Folkways

They are behind A debut album of the Iraqi Rahim El-Haj and Richard Hagopian 's Armenian Music Through the Ages .


10-01-2007, 15:48
وبالطبع معهد العالم العربي في باريس

ofcourse Institut Du Monde Arabe :
Do not know if there is a list of their CD publications on their site :

15-01-2007, 14:22
Link to 'islamic' music releases from Celestial, ACT and other labels


15-01-2007, 21:22
ofcourse next to INEDIT we should add :
OCORA . Radio France ...

(note you will find many of the albums on this forum: skafunkrastapunk . com


This site unfortunately gives no detailed information such as artists involved, tracklist, etc. You can find more (though not all) on a more general music catalogue site from Belgium:

As for skafunkrastapunk, to say "you find many of the albums" there, is a gross understatement. In fact by now only about 60 are missing - from a catalogue of far above 300.

16-01-2007, 13:55
indeed Paul :) mentioning Belgium , here you go :

مركز الثقافة العربية والونيا- بروكسل
هنا يدرس عازفين عدة منهم عازف الجوزة العراقي أنور ابو دراغ

Centre Culturel Arabe Wallonie-Bruxelles
The musical group changes members it is more like a platform ...

24-01-2007, 23:28
Arc Music

24-01-2007, 23:29
Global Village .. not top rate but has few interstig releases ...