مشاهدة جميع الاصدارات : Şerif Muhittin Targan

17-01-2007, 15:29
Thanks to our brother Zouheir, I have checked the Tulumba website for an update on the only commercial CD by Serif Muhiddin by Kaf Music. This CD was out of print for years.

Luckily it's not anymore. I received it, and to my surprise it has 3 recordings of the same Ussak Samai all preceded by Teksims.

The Semai was composed in Baghdad 18th May (my birthday!!) 1939, it was dedicated to Mesut Cemil.


17-01-2007, 20:03
ألف شكر لك يانجيبنا الغالي على وضع هذه الملفات لمعلم الأجيال.....كلها دروس هائلة لنا وللآجيال القادمه.

17-01-2007, 21:01
لك حزيل الشكر أيها العزيز

أسالك، من بعض فضلك، إن كانت لديك مقطوعة كابريس، عزفاً للشريف ونوتة، وإن كان بإمكانك التكرم برفعهما، أو بإرسالهما لي من الطريق الجانبية إذا ما كان أبو العلاء سيعترض على "غربيتها" :)

18-01-2007, 13:11
I will upload Caprice and its sister etudes as part of completing the documentary that Zouheir has uploaded (the interview in Iraq).

And I will put the appropriate comments as well.

18-01-2007, 13:23
1000 thls
my dearest

18-01-2007, 17:00
Thanks Najib these are great ...thanks for the whole cd .

19-01-2007, 18:06
With my big thank you to Zeryab for reminding me that he indeed uploaded the rare Ferahfeza file from his own private collection.

Here's the link:


Thanks Ahmad.

21-01-2007, 19:20
I discoverd today that I have the same birthdate as Mr. Haydar himself !!! (who was born 21 January 1892 ) ..best one i heard has the same birthday until now !! :)

22-01-2007, 00:04
I am trying to prepare your video present, but the converter is failing me!

I am going to have to send it by post I'm afraid!

22-01-2007, 19:35
From the Kalan Ud double CD this time.