: in memory of İmam Hossain

30-01-2007, 23:55
Neveser bektaşi nefesi "alem yzne saldı ziya al-i Muhammed"

30-01-2007, 23:57
Dear Manwe you forgot the file


31-01-2007, 00:08
alem yzne saldı ziya al-i Muhammed
seyfin ak idp geldi yine al-i Muhammed
nadan ne bilr dana bilr al-i Muhammed
ve salli ala seyyidina al-i Muhammed
ve salli ala mrşidina al-i Muhammed

kemter kuluyam Ali'nin ol şah-ı keremdir
Hasan başımın tacı Hseyn gözmde nemdir
İmam-ı Zeyne'l-Aba Bakır mihr-i haremdir
ve salli ala seyyidina al-i Muhammed
ve salli ala mrşidina al-i Muhammed

31-01-2007, 00:24
Hicaz İlahi from Ahmet Özhan "Daver-i Aşr-ı Muharremdir Hseyn-i Kerbela"

31-01-2007, 14:54
Thank you for the file but some information about it in english would have been most helpful and highly appreciated .

31-01-2007, 15:33
We have a few problems here. First of all, this is not the right place for this thread as this section is part of the Arab vocal arts forum. Yours is Persian I guess (sorry, but I don't have the time to check). If so, it has to go to the Iranian section and I'll take care of this once I have your confirmation. Second , we have always asked members to insert a minimum information about the files they post in a language that can be understood by the majority, preferably in Arabic or English since these are the two official languages of this forum so to speak. So, while thanking you for your post, we expect such required clarifications for the benefit of everybody.

31-01-2007, 17:59
I've already seen this. This is Turkish Dini (Religious) music.

This is why I kept it where it is now.

We still want more info about the actual recording though.

31-01-2007, 18:04
now I understand, I did put a post here about the makam of the second piece but unfortunately it didn't register!!

19-04-2008, 22:32
this is my first in listen to such turkish;s inshad .. what did manwe first wrote was the words of this baktashi inshad in turkish .. prayers didicated to prophet mohammed the murshid ( guide and sage)...baktashi is awell known sufis in turky - bulqan countries and in syria ....they dont actually say ( maqam) or way.. they are using mystic words such as ( nafas) in arabic or nefes ...which means : holy breaths

i think - and correct me mr. najib - that neveser is also away in chanting the sufi hymes

regards : naya

21-04-2008, 17:50
Hi Naya,

Neveser or Nawa Athar in Arabic is a makam and yes of course Sufi chanting uses it together with other makams.