مشاهدة جميع الاصدارات : Confessions of a Tarab Addict

15-02-2007, 17:39
An article written by our friend Kamal Kassar.

It's part of a book by Saqui Books, London called Transit Beirut.


Thanks Kamal

19-02-2007, 09:00
Interesting exposition of tarab....especially the statement that tarab takes place in intimate settings like ' cafes, houses or weddings'... and the prominence of a 'tarab network' outside the realm of mainstream social and cultural networks.....however, i think the statement that 'tarab before Um K. was repetitive' is far from being a precise generalisation. Others argue that it was contrary to what is stated here.

Also the personal exploration 'stories' about Marie Jubran and Fathiyya are interesting; likewise for the 'roots and routes' section.

one small factual comment, is that UK's last live concert in Lebanon took place in 1970 at Baalbeck festival (and not 1973). The Baalbeck Committee invited UK to perform again i think in 1972 who was not able to cater to this invitation because of health reasons.

As for the 'tarab is feeling' issue, this reminds me of the discussion that our friend Hattouma started a while ago with a question 'what is tarab?'.