: Mehmet Emin Bitmez- Gneşin doğuşu

08-03-2007, 20:46
Mehmet Emin Bitmez- 01- Maraga ( Abdlkadir Meragi)
.... one of best oud players from Trkiye

08-03-2007, 21:12
Teşekkrler ve hoşgeldin.

Thank's and welcome.

12-03-2007, 15:00
Thanks, it's a very good CD by Mehmet Bitmez.

I think he was Yurdal Tokcan's teacher, no?

13-03-2007, 00:45
Here's some biographical info on Mehmet Bitmez:

"Mehmet Bitmez was born in Şanlıurfa, as the second child of Zeliha and Yahya Bitmez. He graduated from Turkish Classical Music State Conservatory of Istanbul Technical University in 1980.A year later he became an assistant and since then he has been continuing his teaching career at the same University.
For many years he has held the position of head of the lute teaching branch at the same university. He completed his master's degree in 1990 in the social sciences department doing research on the special techniques used by Tanbur player Cemil Bey.
Mehmet Bitmez was inspired by the musical atmosphere provided in his family by his grand father Mahmut Bitmez, santuri, lutist, pianist and singer; his father Yahya Bitmez, who was also a singer and lutist, and his uncle, Bekir Bitmez, who was a singer and composer.
During his conservatory education he took lessons from his lute teacher Prof. Mutlu Torun, and learned the theory of the Turkish Classical Music from ney player Niyzi Sayın, singers Akagndz Kutbay, Bekir Sıtkı Sezgin and lutist Cinuen Tanrıkorur.
During his school years and afterwards the lute virtuoso Mehmet Emin Bitmez analized the Tanbur virtuoso Cemil Bey's melodic pattern and performing approach and he made a formal comprehensive study of Cemil Bey's advanced technique and style.
Bitmez, who is shown to be among the leading lutists of the world, has studied the styles and technical characteristics of virtuoso Şerif Muhittin Targan and great master lutists Nevres Bey, Yorgo Bacanos and Cinuen Tanrıkorur. Following this study he developed his own advanced playing style, which is based on traditional and classical features. One of the most outstanding features of his particular style is the pure and clear sound, which is certified by his admirers
He has been making a comprehensive study and research in the field of musicology and he has many instrumental pieces and songs of various forms of Turkish music. He has given many recitals as a representative of Turkish Classical Music in festivals of numerous countries and cities such as
Germany, Italy, Sicily, Sardinia, Island, Venice, Holland, France, Morocco, Tunisia, England, Algeria, Lebanon, Egypt, Israel, Brazil, USA, Belgium, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, France, Switzerland, Spain, Sudan, Russia and Austria.
He contributed with his ideas and lute playing to the soundtrack of the film ''Istanbul Under my Wings'', whose music was later produced for sale on CD.
He performed in recitals with virtuoso Kemene player Ihsan Özgen under the name of ''Anatolia'' and ''Aegean and Balkan Dances'' in the year 1992.This performance was produced on CD and cassette.
In 1992, he played with the Buch Morres Jazz Group in the Cemal Reşit Rey Concert Hall. In 1993, in a group formed by French, Spanish and Turkish musicians, with Ney player Kudsi Erguner he gave a recital, which is called ''From Sufi to Flamenco'' in the International Istanbul Festival, which was followed by another recital given in an amphitheatre this performance was produced on CD and cassette.
In 1995,under the conduction of Ihsan Özgen he performed with the group ''Anatolia'' in the project of ''Tanburi Cemil Bey and Impressions''. In 1996, he gave three recitals and conferences in the cities of Geneva and Bern, in Switzerland on invitation of "Ateliers d'ethnomusicologie."
In 1999, in the Montreux Jazz Festival he gave a concert comprised of Ottoman Sufi Music repertoire. He gave an encore under the sponsorship of the German NDR Broadcasting Organization in Hamburg, Bremen, Mannheim.
In 2000, he played in "Festival de Musique Sacree From Sufi to Flamenco'' in the city of Perpignan, in France. In the same year he participated twice in the Whirling Dervishes Ceromony in the Venice Festival. Under the conduction of Prof. Edvin Seroussi he gave two recitals, a conference, a week-long Turkish music Theory and Lute Lesson by formal invitation of the Hebrew University and Prof. Edwin Seroussi in the performance called ''Mediterranean Musical Dialogue No 5''.
In February 2000, under the organization of AAN Het Vruthoff he played with the Kudsi Erguner Group and Prins Kantemir in eight concerts held in Rotterdam, Den Haag, Maastricht, Gent, Bruxelles, Antwerpen, Amsterdam, Utrecht.
In these concerts, under the name ''Prins Kantemir'' he performed the repertoire of Ali Ufki Bey.
On the 14th of June, 2000 he performed on lute in the International Izmir Festival and on the16th of June in the international Istanbul Music Festival in a String Instruments Orchestra, Percussion Group. He played in the Orchestra of Turkish Music Instruments to perform the compositions of Nazim Hikmet's poems. This performance was later recorded on CD.
In 2002, by invitation of the Moroccan Kingdom he played with Kudsi Erguner's group in a festival-opening concert based on Ottoman Drums.
In 2003,in the Istanbul Festivals he played with the violinist Cihad Aşkin, the world famous violinist Shlomo Mintz, Israeli traditional violinist Yair Dalal and Erkan Oğur.
In 2004 he gave two seminars and a concert in Mediterranean Music Project which was organised by En Chordais Music School located in Saloniki.
Additionally he gave two concerts in the international Music Festivals in eastern Jerusalem he also gave a concert in the ''Now'' festival in Berlin.
In Beirut he gave a concert in meetings of Ottoman and Flamenco Music in addition to a seminar and a master class that he performed in International Beirut Conservatory
Between 08-11 of June 2005, Bitmez gave a lute recital in Athens in the International lute meeting. This meeting was included in the Mediterranean Music Project, which was established and supported by the European Union and continued for three years.
Lute players from many countries attended the meeting. These musicians were the most famous in their own countries and in the world. Bitmez was invited to this meeting in order to represent Turkey.A lso he conducted a seminar and a master class.
Between the dates 6th-9th July, 2005 Mehmet Bitmez gave a concert in Ramallah in Palestine International Festival in 2005.
On the 8th of November, 2005 he performed in the project of "Goethe's Collection of Lyric Poetry " and in the Stutgart Now festival.
Between the dates of 28th November and 10th of December, 2005 he was officially invited by "Damascus" music Institute to give a "seminar " and for the same Institute he gave lectures on Turkish Music Sound System, melodic patterns and Oud performing in addition to performing in a concert there.
On 5th of March, 2006 he gave an "Oud Recital", called "The Rising of the Sun" at Istanbul Cemal Reşit Rey (CRR) which is also the name of this last album.
He has held the position as the chairman of the "Culture and Art Board of Historical Zeyrek Houses" for some time in the name of providing a contribution to protect Turkish culture and historical houses. This is reflection of his belief in protecting the rich historical and cultural background of Turkish culture.
Between the years 2004-2006 he held the position of the head of "Scientific and Art Projects, Organisation Committee". He still holds the same position and at the same time teachers in Istanbul Technical University State Conservatory.
Besides being an Oud performer to a great extent, he plays an old Turkish Instrument "Lavta" and a secondary instrument "Tanbur"."

13-03-2007, 18:46
Here's some biographical info on Mehmet Bitmez

Thank you dear for the information. The guy seems (and sounds) very impressive
Pls. post some more of Bitmez's work & add some more info about the oud he's playing, who was the luthier & when was it manufactured ?! The instrument sounds very clear and sound

Thank you


13-03-2007, 19:44
Dear Al Farabi,

He is also the Udi on most of Kudsi Erguner's CDs.