مشاهدة جميع الاصدارات : نوتة اسوارة العروس

Kamal Kassar
19-03-2007, 18:33
هذه نوتة اسوارة العروس انزلها بنء لطلب صديقي نجيب فقد اشكل علي وصف مقام هذا الابداع الفريد اللون للفنان فلمون وهبي فقل لي يا نجيب اهو شوق افزا ام صبا مزاد على العجم وما ادري ما اسم هذاالمزاج


19-03-2007, 20:25

The note is correct.

After listening. It has 4 maqams:

1- Saba (beginning)
2- Acem Asseyran (A bit later)
3- Shawk Efza (Illi 7amel 3aktafou)
4- Bayat Neva (Lamma Bghanny Esmak)

With a lot of makamic colouring in between.

So we can really classify it under Saba because it begins with it, but what a makamic assortment it is, what a fantastic musician Philemon was.


19-03-2007, 21:00
Philemon was a natural, Najib.

Have you seen him singing "sanferlo as sans-fait-rien"? Absolutely amusing!

Had it been relevant, I would have uploaded it:)

20-03-2007, 01:03
Despite it being a completely comic sketch it is still very Tarabic.

Can you please send it to me by e-mail. What a guy he was!