: The Great Dakhel Hassan

wala2 nabel
11-05-2007, 01:17
Hello all brother
for my valuable forum and for all the bothers who enjoy us with their records
I persent some nice songs to the wonderful artist Da5l Hassan
I hope u like it . best regards . and byeeeeeeee

wala2 nabel
11-05-2007, 01:42
and this another group of songs .

11-05-2007, 01:51
Dear Wala2,
Please, change the song titles into English before you upload them into the forum. This is a courtesy for those who can't save these files with Arabic titles.
Your effort is appreciated

21-08-2007, 15:51
ȡ /

Here is to keep posting samples of Rural style of songs as rquested by Zeryab
Dakhel Hasan

Abuzyeh Da'awal Hawa
Alujan Ya Yumma
Abuzyeh Min Yammina Fataw
Ya Tabibil Ruh

22-08-2007, 19:45

Another set of dakhel Hasan songs

Abuzyeh Salat Khaddi Dame'ti
Yalmakhdin al Wilif
Abuzyeh Allayali A'an Wisalak Malaha
Ya Nahi

22-08-2007, 19:50

Another set

Abuzyeh Ahibbak Min Kinit
Ahha Walak Dallali
Abuzyeh La T Hees
Ya Qalbi Sabran A'ala Man Kunta Tahwa

22-08-2007, 19:57

The rest of the songs in this album

Haqqha Min Tinamil Nas
Al Haje'
Abuzyeh W Haqq A'ahdil Wala
Lahilna Msheena Khuya
Abuzyeh Ya dar wahshash Beek

22-08-2007, 20:00

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