مشاهدة جميع الاصدارات : Ya ghazali kayfa 3anni Ab3aduk 1/3 : Muhammad al-‘Ashiq

12-05-2007, 18:31
Muwashshah Ya ghazali kayfa 3anni ab3aduk (higaz / supposedly nim rawan 9/4 ) seems to be a specialty of the Shami school at the turn of the 20th century.
This is one of its most interesting renditions, by Muhammad al-‘Ashiq. The muwashshah is followed on the second side of the record by a qasida mursala higaz, Nazari ila wagh al-habib, in his usual style and with his beautiful voice, that appears quite influenced by Ottoman gazel.

Gramophone 5-12534/35, recorded in Beirut, circa 1908
The record is from a private collection, in a very bad state, transfered on inadequate equipment, hence the low quality of this document, which I apologize for.

محمد العاشق
موشح يا غزالي كيف عني أبعدوك
وقصيدة نظري إلى وجه الحبيب
مقام حجاز

The sada file provided is for the brave only. I suggest to listen only to the left track, which for a strange reason has less surface noise than the right one. The speed is different in the filtered version, which has also been extensively de-clicked.

16-05-2007, 17:52
Well i listened now (did not download the sada version :)
the matla3 does not say Ya ghazali kayfa 3anni ab3aduk which is not very usual ....the amana amaan is very nice and the qasida from Asheq is as usual . i like how he comes back to the rythmic tempo for seconds before the grand aaah at the end .. Fred we have a nice Egyptian rendition of nazari ela wagh el-habib as a tawshih by Rawhia Abdel-Khaleq (one of the rare tawashih in a ladies voice !) (i think it was Abu Ali -Muheb El-tarab who uploaded it long time ago in Zeryab),not sure if it is here ,let me know if you have not listened to it ..

16-05-2007, 18:14
Frederic, apologies!

I didn't even see this one!!!

If Farjallah's copy was a PC of Yagazalan this version is the Apple of it :-)

It is really a much more elegant rendition, and definitely the 3asheq version, to my ear, is more Nahdaesque no?

24-05-2007, 10:44
intersting to listen to it from Nadra as well ! :