مشاهدة جميع الاصدارات : The famous Artist :LAMY3A TAWFIQ

wala2 nabel
13-05-2007, 01:05
Hello All

Today i like to itroduce to you some songs to the famous Artist :LAMY3A TAWFIQ

I hope you like it .....Best Regards

The first song :hatha el7lo katlni ya 3amma (for the wonderful melodist Mohammed Noshi
The second song :masa2 el5er ya 2hl elma7ala (for the genius melodist Retha Ali
The third song : yal mashya bgrf eln7r
The fourth song :mshena mshena boya mshena
The last song :shoy shoy 3ene shoy legad

wala2 nabel
13-05-2007, 01:32
The first song :alhch3
The second song :inty mn b3d 2ommy ya 2o5ty
The third song :ma tgly ya glby

أبو علاء
13-05-2007, 02:05
شكرا على الجهد يا ولاء، إلاّ أنّ لي ملاحظتين :
1. ليتك تذكرين حدّا أدنى عن المطربة والملحّنين الّذين ذكرت بعضا منهم بدل تكرار أسماء الأغاني في نصّ مشاركتك وهي موجودة في عناوين الملفّات المرفوعة ؛ فمن لميسه توفيق هذه ومن الملحّنون ؟ متى عاشوا ؟ ضمن أيّ نوع تندرج هذه الأغاني ؟...
2. أرجو عدم الإسراف في استخدام العلامات الرّقميّة لترجمة الحروف العربيّة، فإن كان بعضها قد غدا شائعا فإنّ بعض العلامات الأخرى مبهمة إذا ما تجاورت تجعل الكلمة أقرب إلى الطّلاسم.:)

wala2 nabel
13-05-2007, 13:52
Hello brother abo 3alaa.

In the beginging . her name is Lamyaa not Lamysa

1) Lameea Tawfiq . she is one of the strongest voices who appear in the Iraqi songful space . she is completing to the Zuhor Husaain and Wahida Khalil . because they were acradian artists (i mean the sing from the south of Iraq

She was born in Baghdad . and she was famous on her song (al hch3) and it is kind of singing in the (almshkhab) region in Iraq

When she appear in the middle of fifties of the past century . she shake the the artistry quarters because of her powerful voice and her wonderful tones
And she has a strong throat extend to one (Dewan) almost (14 vocal size)
And her voice begin from low stages to the high tones .

And she has many beautiful songs like : ( yal mashya blel lhlch) (yal wald ya bny shlon) , (al hch3) , (hath elhlo katlni ya 3amma) , (shfta w bl3gl habyta wallah ) (dshdasha 9bg elneli) and (chm doob 2thl any 2hb hathy) and other nice popularity songs .

And she deal with many great melodists like : Rerha Ali , Hamdan Alsahr . Mohammed Noshi . and other melodists

Lameea retreat (give up) singing in the beginning the eighties of the past century . and died in the middle of ninties of the century (God compassionate her)

And inshallah i will post many articles (from some news peapers) to introduce these melodists .
and i hope you benfit from it

2) ok Brothr . I will not use it so much . but there are many letters in Arabic that are not exist in English language

Best Regards ………

أبو علاء
13-05-2007, 14:18
Thank you for the information. As for transcribing Arab letters, there's still some other ways, which, although approximate, make it more clear to decipher.
ح = h
ت أو ط = t
ذ أو ض أو ظ = dh
ث = th
همزة أو ع = ' (apostrophe)
خ = kh
And you're not obliged to put everything in English, unless its is a problem of convenience for you.
Another technical remark: please, don't use so big font sizez and why are you writing everything in red?:)

wala2 nabel
15-05-2007, 09:52
Dear Brother Abo Alaa2 .

Thx alooooooot about these experssions .
it is very importanat . I rally benefit from it
.God bless you . brother .
and I will write with small size with black color as you want


Amer Salman
09-04-2008, 09:00
Thank you Wala2 for the Posts, but all the songs are available in most iraqi songs sites.