مشاهدة جميع الاصدارات : Two ‘Ud 78 rpm records by Qasabgi

19-05-2007, 19:40
I thought, wrongly, everyone knew those two records, and discovered after a phone conversation with Abu Ala' that it was not necessarily the case.

Muhammad Afandi al-Qasabgi al-mulahhin wa-l-3awwad al-shahir
Gramophone 90-1 : taqsim higazkar / dala3 al-hawanim
Gramophone 90-2 : taqsim bayyati / taqsim saba

recorded 1928

The reason is that they were commercially available on a Club du Disque Arabe CD, devoted to... Munir Bashir (!). For undecipherable reasons, Ahmad Hachlef (allah yerhamo/allah yesamho) had decided to put those 4 tracks at the end of Bashir's, hmmmmm..., a3agib. CDA records being now out of commerce, I see it perfectly justified to share those.
The CD reference is AAA003, Récital Mounir Bachir

محمد افندي القصبجي
تقسيم حجازكار / دلع الهوانم
تقسيم بياتي / تقسيم صبا

19-05-2007, 20:26
Thank you very much indeed, Fred, for these wonderful files by the Unfairly Treated Genius Mohammad Afandi Al-Quasabji.

I have always wondered how a music master like him should end up sitting and shivering his plume on those strings with mystifying grumpiness and unmistakable hopelessness behind the back of UK!

أبو علاء
19-05-2007, 21:52
Thanks, Fred! It's not that I didn't know them at all. They are all available on zeryab website and forum as well as in a couple of other websites such as our friend Karim Samaali's multaqa. But, I didn't know they were from 78 rpm records, let alone the fact that they are Gramophone records, simply because nobody cares to provide this kind of information. And, of course, I couldn't have seen them on a CD labelled Munir Bashir that I would never care to buy or even download if it's available for free... Hadhaka-l-li mazal as they say in my home country.:)

21-05-2007, 18:08
you 're too hard on Munir Bashir ,but i expect it knowing your taste :) ,the truth is ,the recordings featured on this album for Bashir are indeed rather strange ...and have some bahlawanat ,anyhow ...very far away from Qasabgi's ..this might even be worse than the Saher El-qanun cd with a couple of al-akkad tracks after a tunisian player (i forgot his name)...

21-05-2007, 18:17
I know the one :-)