مشاهدة جميع الاصدارات : Lyricists and Composers are as important as the singer

22-10-2005, 19:27
One of the problems that have plagued Arabic music for a long time is that recordings barely list who the lyricists and composers are. It's because of this problem that not many people today don't know who Qassabji, Zakariya, Daoud Hosni, etc., are.
I think a noble goal of this forum could and should be to combat this problem by trying to list the names of lyricists/poets and composers when these are known. For example, except for Leh Ya Banafseg, I don't know who composed any of Saleh Abd-l-Hayy's other songs! I feel bad about that. Abd-l-Hayy's interpretation of the song is definitely very important and makes a huge difference; however, the lyricists/composers should get as much credit.

My opinion.

22-10-2005, 19:30
One statement that Mr. Sahab made in his book and which I agree with is that "Sayyed Darwich is better known than his compositions, and Qassabji's compositions are better known than Qassabji himself."

Given the number of people who enjoy "Ana Albi Daleely" of Layla Murad, how many of them that this masterpiece was composed by Qassabji?


أبو علاء
22-10-2005, 19:46
You are of course right as far as the composers and lyricists are concerned. That's why whenever I have a recording preceded by a speaker presentation with such kind of information I don't try to delete that narrative which may contain such other important information such as the musical mode (maqam), category of the song, date...etc

23-10-2005, 22:00
Luay ..We are very aware of this point and will tackle it in this Website.. it is one of the objectives :)

24-10-2005, 06:50
Thanks Abu A'laa and Hatim for your support of my idea. I hope participants will start adhering to this and telling us the names of these
important contributors to the songs.