مشاهدة جميع الاصدارات : بمناسبة العودة : سهران لوحدي من الأزبكيّه 2 يناير 1958

أبو علاء
03-06-2007, 01:34
لا شكّ أنّ في جعبة الأصدقاء فريد والدّكتور الباز وفوّاز وبقيّة أفراد عصابة الخير ما سيسرّكم بعد إعادة فتح المنتدى، غير أنّي إذ قدّرت أنّ ما سيجودون به أنفس وأعظم شأنا انتهزت الفرصة للفوز على الأقلّ بقصب السّبق والمبادرة بالهديّة.
وقد بثّت هذا الحفل إذاعة الأغاني منذ يومين، وقد وجدته كما ذكرت للفريد من أجمل حفلات السّيّدة لا باعتبار التّصرّفات الخارقة والتّفنّن في تلوين اللّحن بل بحسبان اعتبار وحيد هو جمال صوت السّيّدة في هذه الوصلة وتشبّعها باللّحن وهي تؤدّيه كما هو عاريا من أيّ ارتجال أو تصرّف، وأرجو أن تنصتوا لها في القسم الاستهلاليّ وقسم "سهران لوحدي" الثّانية حيث لم أسجّل أيّ تلوين يذكر كي تروا إن كان حكمي في محلّه أم لا.

أبو الغيث
03-06-2007, 13:32
عدتم والعود أحمد,
والست هي خير ما تستفتح به عودتكم يا أبا العلاء , وبالفعل حفلة ولا أروع , والنقاء في صوت الست مميز وعجيب , وكأنها تغني أمامنا ,
الف شكر على التسجيل , ومرة أخرى الحمد لله على السلامة
Welcome back

03-06-2007, 21:33
شكرا على المجهود وحمدا لله على السلامة
حقيقى فترة غياب المنتدى كانت فترة صعبة جدا


الشيخ سيد
03-06-2007, 23:20
ألف حمدلله على السلامة ومبروك علينا جميعا عودة المنتدى الحبيب
صدقوا أو لا تصدقوا أننى أصابنى إكتئاب طويل زال الآن فقط

أبو علاء
03-06-2007, 23:25
حفظكم اللّه ورعاكم يا شباب، فلا معنى لوجود المنتدى دون أهله، وأنتم أهله.

04-06-2007, 20:45
أستاذنا الغالي أبو علاء هنيئا لنا بك وبهذا المنتدى الرائع واذا أصح التعبير فهو ليس منتدى بل كنوز وثروات لا يعلم بها من يجهلها وأود أن أشكرك على هذا الحفل الرائع الذي ليس من الغريب ان نجده بالمنتدى لأننا تعودنا على هذه المفقودات الرائعة شكرا لك ولمجهودك العظيم

04-06-2007, 23:16
عزيزي أبو علاء
لا تدري ما الذي فعله هذا التسجيل في نفسي
ولا تدري إلى أين ارتفع بي حيث صرت سكراناً بلا خمر مسطولا بلا حشيش
والله يا عزيزي
دعوت لك كثيراً والآن عندي بعد منتصف الليل والهدوء لا توصف روعته مع صوت (الست)التي لا تنتهي عجائبه ولا تنضب محاسنه
عزيزي أبو علاء
أشكرك كثيراً

أبو علاء
05-06-2007, 01:17
الشّكر لكما ومرحبا في المنتدى ؛ حسبنا مدعاة للرّضا أنّ صوت هذا المنتدى بلغ أقاصي الأرض، وبعد أن رفع صديقنا كمال قصّار موادّه إلى قمم الهملايا، ها هي تطرق أرجاء سنغفوره، وذاك من سحر الشّبكة العنكبوتيّة.

07-06-2007, 20:50
الحمد لله على السلامة و نعم ما اخترت يا أبا العلاء
بوركت يداك

أبو علاء
07-06-2007, 21:40
بارك اللّه فيك يا فوّاز.

20-06-2007, 06:12
Thanks very much Abu A'laa for this super beautiful performance of this masterpiece. To me,
Sahran is a clear member on any top-10 list of Sunbati's songs. I think his true genius shows clearly in this song. This recording, as you had pointed out, is characterized by a very "calm" performance, not only by Om Kulthoum, but also by the musicians. She clearly enjoyed this song---after all, she sang it more than any of her other songs. And, good for us: we have more and more recordings of this true jewel.
One of the stories that I read about Sahran is that Rami first gave it to Wahab, but he didn't like it or something like that. Then, Om Kulthoum gave it to Sunbati, and what I read is that he spent about a year working on it!!! Of course, given the lousy state of a true editorial process in the Arabic publishing, who knows whether this story is true or not, but I'm quoting what I read.

Now, to this specific performance.
Om Kulthoum shows her "intentions" beginning with Donyaya at minute 11 and 11 seconds, and then repeating it in the same "painful" way at minute 11 and 26 seconds. I think one of the clearest moments at which one hears Om Kulthoum's calmness is when she moves into the part of Atsawwar Hali at minute 12 and 16 seconds.

Putting that part for the Ney for the second part of the song is as successful and appropriate as composition can be, in my humble judgment. I think the Ney was the perfect instrument for this part in particular, and this song in general. By the way, I find Sunbati's decision to compose the part of Sahran in two different ways an interesting one. To the knowledgeable among the members: is this common? One more question: are both times the Sahran Liwahdi part is sung on the same maqam?
Wayyaya at minute 22 and 41 is really moving. I'm not aware of many singers who really live the lyrics like this magnificent lady. And her feeling and living the lyrics is clearly reflected in her way of singing to the extent that one feels she forgets that she's singing in front of an audience.
And then, the part of Ma Ben Naa'eemy W Uns-Rrouh comes. A challenge to all: name one part of another song that sounds better than this one?!?!?!?! This is the tarab and emotions at their best and highest point. I have a couple of pictures of Ahmad Rami listening to Om Kulthoum while she's singing this part, and the man looks completely high and lost! I don't blame him.
Lovely stuff starting at minute 33 and 16 seconds. Listen to the "dramatic" way of saying Tal at minute 34 and 59 seconds and then minute 35 and 28 seconds. And then at minute 43 and 53 seconds.
And then begin the improvisations on Rahet A'wadhli Wu Hussadi at 1 hour 1 minute and 13 seconds; very beautiful stuff; highly recommended :-)
The way she sings Yalli Suburt A'la Ba'adi from 1 hour 3 minutes and 17 seconds all the way until 1 hour 5 minutes and 30 seconds is a MUST listen.

All in all, a beautiful rendition of a masterpiece. The audience reaction at the end says it all. Thanks a million Abu A'laa for giving us, and me at least, the opportunity to listen to this performance.

Best regards,

02-01-2009, 06:19
An invitation to all those who haven't listened to this version to please listen to it (including "anti-Sunbati" people, like one of the moderators and central figures on this forum.. let's not name him, out of respect :-)

Well, I have been listening to this version of this jewel for the last few days, and couldn't help making comments again.
For me personally, I can now say this is by far the best version of this song, and one of the most beautiful, moving, and touching performances by this one-of-a-kind lady.
Listening to it again, over and over, three things caught my attention again, one of which was highlighted by Abu A'laa when he posted it: the beauty of the lady's voice. It's captivating in this recording.
The second thing is the melancholy in the lyrics as reflected by the lady's genius diction and articulation. This is best felt when she sing Donyaya (in "Wana S-herte F-Donyay"), particularly, at minute 11 and 25 seconds! Also, listen to the melancholy in Khayalak around 11' 54". Listen to Layali at 23' 33''.
The third is the improvisations. Beautiful stuff at 33' 12". listen to Walhan at 33 31", and how she goes high in the middle. Wu-Lamma Boa'dak A'nni Tal, starting at 36' 15" is wonderful.
Can the word "Tal" be sung or said or uttered in a better way than what we hear at 43' 53"?!?!?!?!?! When people wonder why some of us are crazy about this lady, they need to listen to these moments, and listen carefully. "Tal" at 44' 25" is not less moving...
Listen at 44' 31": someone, I think from the musicians, say's "Kaman" (more). Yes, indeed, more, and more, and more. And then another guy, from the audience, follows at 44' 3" with Allahu Akbar.
Listen to A'nni, A'nni, A'nni starting at 44' 46": this repetition moves one more than the music of entire songs.
I think there's a maqam shift at 24' 15" (don't know from what to what, but the before and after, so to speak, sound very different at that moment).
Listen to the way she reflects the meaning of Shareed in the way she sings it, at 47' 10".

Whenever I listen to this song, I'm always reminded of Ahmad Rami's amazing poetry: "Hatta-l-Gafa Mahroum Mennoh, Ya Retha Damet Ayyamoh"!!!! Who longs for the days of Gafa, except for Ahmad Rami, in such a wonderful exposition.

I am always amazed at the energy that the lady has when she starts with Kan A'hdi Gamil, even though she's been singing for about an hour by then.

The way she sings Gamil, at 58' 10" is so gamil, literally.
Mashghoul, starting at 58' 16" is wonderful.

The improvisations on Rahet A'wadhli are super beautiful.

In a way analogous to 44' 46", where she repeated A'nni three times, she does the same in Rahet A'wadhli at 1:02:35. Very moving.

Listen to "Rahet ... Htar" starting at 1:03:07, ending at 1:03:26. Isn't this what beauty is all about?

And then comes "Yalli", starting at 1:03:43, with all the repetitions, probably changing maqam at 1:03:52.

Om Kulthoum was in love with this song (she sang it more than any other song, according to the records), but clearly, in this night, she was so much into this song. She was the master of her domain, so to speak.

A million thanks again to Abu A'laa for originally posting it; it's a great way for me to start the new year. And bless the souls of Rami, Sunbati, and The Lady; what a jewel of a song!
I can't imagine what Ahmad Rami was going through in these nights, listening to The Lady singing his words in such a beautiful way!

BTW the other two songs that same night where A'wwedte E'ini (for the second time) and Shamsi-l-Asil. The former doesn't have impros, but the latter has interesting stuff. We have these two songs
on the forum.


02-01-2009, 17:11
according to the story of her life staring Sabrine he said < i didn't know that I put so much feelings in these words>

23-08-2014, 06:58
Was just listening to this recording tonight and went back to the forum to see what we all said about it, and found nothing from Fred.
So, here's another invitation to Fred to listen and give his comments.
Unbelievable performance indeed.


27-08-2014, 16:15
transferring this rendition on iPod as we speak :-)