: Yusef Forutan

23-06-2007, 11:42
Yusef Forutan (1891-1979) was born in Tehran. From Early childhood, owing to the musical connections of his brother, Moaddab-os-Saltaneh, he got well acquainted with the great masters of the period and would often attend their meeting and social gatherings. He studied setar with late Mirza Abdollah and tar with the late Aqa Hoseyn-qoli. Although he performed with prominent contemporary masters, Forutans concert appearances were rare, including only a few charity performances for the benefit of refugees and victims of natural disasters and a concert at Shiraz Arts Festival that was video and audio taped. Forutan was a proficient performer on setar, tar and other instruments such as violin and piano and developed his own special style. His interpretation of the radif as well as considerable number of the classical compositions, zarbis, performed on setar were recorded by the center for Preservation and Dissemination of Iranian Music. His style of performance enjoyed great dynamism and action. Among his special features in performance, one may refer to his powerful, complicated and fluent plucking techniques, which seem to be rooted in the style of Yahya Zarpanjeh and Darvish Khan. Many of the contemporary masters of Persian classical music were among his students, such as Jalal Zolfonun, Davud Ganjei, Dariush Talai, Hossein Alizadeh and Parviz Meshkatiyan.