مشاهدة جميع الاصدارات : ذكريات سينما أوبرا 7-1-1960 وصلة أولى

15-08-2007, 22:07
و هي من القصائد المفضلة لدي
حيث أنها غنت في الوصلة الأولى ذكريات و في الوصلة الثانية لسه فاكر للمرة الأولى و في الوصلة الثالثة أروح لمين
و في هذا الحفل تفاريد مميزة في قسم كان فجراً باسماً و ذلك في الدقيقة 43 تقريباً
لن أعطل عليكم متعة الاستماع أكثر من ذلك

15-08-2007, 23:10
Thanks a million for this one, too, Fawaz.
Like you, I LOVE this song; in fact, this is one of the songs that I listen to
most (I know other Kulthoumaholics on this forum are not as enthusiastic
about this song, which is fine --- just a different taste, I guess).

The improvisations in Kana Fagran Baseman are by far the best improvisations
I've heard from the lady in this section, and probably in any Dhikrayat performance.
That stuff at minute 44 and 15 seconds killed me! Very beautiful and moving stuff.

The way she begins finishing the impro part and going back to the original melody at minute 47 and 36 seconds is lovely.

By the way, the atmosphere in these minutes, including the audience reaction, the
violin and qanun, remind me SO MUCH of the atmosphere of her Morocco's performance
of Huwwa Sahih, particularly where she improvises on the Nazrah part.

Thanks again, and looking forward to hearing the performance in its entirety.


16-08-2007, 16:54
شكرا يا فوّاز

أيّة سينما اوبرا ؟

هل كانت في بيروت؟

16-08-2007, 17:06
There's a cinema Opera in Cairo too!

16-08-2007, 18:18
They have a cinema in Cairo?

20-06-2009, 04:32
Where are you in this thread? :-)
Have you listened to the Kana Fagran improvisations? You'll melt, I'm sure :-)


20-06-2009, 21:22
Well Luay:)
This is probably one of the best performances of dhikrayat, one of the songs that have a special place in my heart because my mom and aunt love it so much and they always asked me to put it on while I lived in Beirut. I also love it for the "nabbahat qalbia min ghfawatihi" part that is a killer, and for "kan fagran bassiman" that is one of the most beautiful rast melodies I have ever heard. This, among others, is why I consider Sumbati as the master of melodies that need no singer's input to move you, although Umm Kulthum's renditions make the song ever more beautiful. However, in my opinion, the one in Aley 29-8-1955 is superior in several respects:
1) UK's voice 5 years earlier was much better
2) the impros on "kan fagran" are more powerful and "tarabic"
3) there are also beautiful impros on the rhythmic part of "dhikrayaton da3abat".


22-06-2009, 02:34
i also love zikrayat i took a tape of it to the dentist years ago to hear while he was working, to feel less pain, and then i didnt know one word of the lyrics, only loved the song, and interpretation. now i am playing a little on the guitar and know a couple of verses more or less.