مشاهدة جميع الاصدارات : About noise reduction

23-09-2007, 16:25
I noticed some members, (e.g. abu-alaa, Fred) upload some files in a filtered form.

I already tried some noise reduction software before, so can I suggest that there will be a sort of list for the files that may benefit from this noise reduction operation - and it can be a todo list, so if me (or anyone) has got free time on his hand can work on them.

Also, if there are any guidelines for the quality/type of reduction (i.e. do you prefer minimal reduction for example - avoiding metallic sounds .. etc.) needed for such operations for arabic classical music?


23-09-2007, 20:03
Frederic and Mohsen will be the absolute reference in this subject.

Do not do anything before consulting them

23-09-2007, 20:21
OK then. That is why I am asking in the first place.

23-09-2007, 20:25
which means that the filtered file that you uploaded (AbdelHay Shouf Haly) is enough as an example at the moment. We'll wait for their reply.

23-09-2007, 21:23
OK, sure of course.

I know it is a very difficult job and best left for the experts. But just in case they need assistance that's all. Trials may be better than nothing at all (if they prefer). If so, they can give me guidelines or hints.
It's not like I will be uploading a trial everyday. :D

Let us wait.

أبو علاء
24-09-2007, 18:57
I'm certainly not an expert in sound file processing and that kind of stuff. The only real experts are sound engineers. Shorter than that, Fred is certainly far more knowlegeable than me and he seems to use a more complete solution of filtering on his Macintosh that he described in some detail in responding to question on the matter (make a search through his posts and you'll find it). As for myself, I just use noise reduction plugin under Sony Sound Forge 8 in extreme need cases. I usually don't want to interfere with originally good digitised versions from old records. The khashkhasha doesn't bother me at all if not excessive and, anyway, I do prefer it to heavily tampered with files with metallic sound effect...etc I confess, in this as in other matters, I'm very close to 3amr. I know, though, Fred is more demanding when it comes to sound quality.
Now, our main "suppliers" with old 78 rpm recrods are of course Fred and he usually takes care of his own stuff, Auditt05 and in most cases Fred does the job as well and , to a lesser extent, Bahri and Bassum and there again, Fred often copes with their uploads. There might be some work to do on some of the files uploaded in the early days of the forum (that is between October 2005 and March 2006) contributed by myself, Shame, and Ismat An-nimr. If you want to help, Bassio, you can try and do something with that stuff.

24-09-2007, 22:39
For me, I am used to (some) khashkhasha. In general it can be tolerated, however, you can not raise the volume too much, because, the loudness of the khashkhasha increases too. But I have to say that 'better sound quality' is better than 'lesser sound quality'. That is why I always appreciate Fred's offers of noise reduction. It is a part of saving this turath.

I agree with your thoughts on the process of filtering abu-alaa. I used to use the same program with the same plugin you use abu-alaa, but now I use a program called Adobe Audition.

There might be some work to do on some of the files uploaded in the early days of the forum (that is between October 2005 and March 2006) contributed by myself, Shame, and Ismat An-nimr. If you want to help, Bassio, you can try and do something with that stuff.

I will be glad to help. However, I am already finding difficulty in browsing the shear mass of recordings available here .. and I don't think I can always find my way through all the files and remembering which ones needs help. And I won't always have free time on hand.

For example, I was once listening unattentively to one of Hilmi's adwars which was beautiful on the first side, but went with crazy clicks on the other side. Now, I'll have to relisten to all his adwars to find that particular file, and try if I have the ability to alter something or not.

I already tinkered with a file for experimentation (for only 5 or 10 minutes), and I already think I made it worse not better (because it already had excellent quality).

That is why I suggested you open a new thread for this issue .. so if you (or anyone) is listening to a recording one time and noticed that this particular recording may benefit from such a trial .. then you (or anyone) can just add a suggestion in that thread for noise reduction (or better .. a request for another recording of superior quality if available from one of our members).

This may also be incorporated in the index in some way (like marking a file "better quality needed").

Anyway this is just a suggestion .. which may help so I won't upload any unwelcomed or unneeded additions to the already heavy server.

By the way, where is 3amr? He may have knowledge or expertise in this field.

25-09-2007, 00:51
Well, I'm an old adobe audition guy, but I don't have any formal knowledge in sound editing, although I've done some noise work.

What I want to say is, for the most part, you can learn to ignore clicks and hiss and crackle and pretty much any type of noise, so, the question of noise removal isn't really such a big deal, especially with farid on the job.