مشاهدة جميع الاصدارات : Information request about Aisha Redwan

10-10-2007, 20:42
Dear Gentlemen
I recently read an article by Alfred Damain about a new Morrocan lady singer who is developing her position as a classic arabic art singer on the lines of The Great Saleh Abdul Hay and others. Her name is Aisha Radwan or Redwan. This author was contributing to the contemporary movement in California started by the now well known KanzamanTakhat (Ensemble) composed of American and Arab-American artists. This ensemble is gainig ground now as one of the renewal movements of Classic Arab arts.
He said that this young lady lives in France or Belgium now.
I wonder if any body heard her singing? I certainly couldnot get to obtain any of her recordings. But It seems that there are efforts being made by several new artists to revive this authentic art, after decade of being tarnished by(according to the author) by cheap immitation of western music such as the Waltz and samba.

أبو علاء
11-10-2007, 00:33
For some information and samples of her recordings as well as a discussion of Aisha's experience, check this thread (http://www.zamanalwasl.net/forums/showthread.php?t=1336&highlight=%DA%C7%C6%D4%E5+%D1%D6%E6%C7%E4) and, please, don't post your comments in huge red characters

Kamal Kassar
11-10-2007, 11:53
I attended myself a concert of Aicha Radwan in Paris, I was not impressed at all and I think that despite her efforts her voice is not helping her to raise to a higher rank.