مشاهدة جميع الاصدارات : Happy birthday to Paul

أبو علاء
28-12-2007, 14:56
Our friend Paul (AmbroseBierce) has just accomplished 47 years. My best wishes of good health and happiness to you, Paul. We're both pleased and proud to have you with us.

28-12-2007, 18:33
Happy Birthday!

Good luck with everything you're doing. We all wish you happiness and good health.

28-12-2007, 20:16
Thank you so much for your kind wishes! Although I'm not around very often lately, every once in a while I come to visit this wonderful forum which has opened a full new musical world to me. Great thanks to all contributors here.

28-12-2007, 21:23
Happy Birthday Paul

May all your dreams come true someday

Kamal Kassar
29-12-2007, 00:03
My best wishes to our friend Paul and happy new year for all of you

29-12-2007, 23:58
Happy New Year to all, and a belated happy birthday to Paul.