مشاهدة جميع الاصدارات : رباعيات الخيام معرض دمشق الدولي 6-8-1957

30-12-2007, 20:47
منذ عدة أيام دار نقاش حول رباعيات الخيام
و ارضاءاً لرغبة الأعضاء قررت أن أرفع هذا الحفل الجميل و هو في الحقيقة حفل وسط بين الحفلات الموجودة في المنتدى و الحفلات التي أشار إليها الأخ محمود الشامي
و هناك تفاريد جميلة جداً في قسم فكم توالى الليل كالعادة و تفاريد أجمل في قسم أطفئ لظى القلب
و هي مهداة لأبو العلاء و فريد بك و لجميع السميعة

31-12-2007, 23:26
Thank you Fawaz. I never heard this version before. It's very nice.
Some of the moments I liked most are:

28' 53" Fakammmmm
30' 08" Nahar
30' 24" Madar: she really makes it a "madar"
32' 33" Fakam Tawala-Laylu Baa'da-Nnahar
33' 24" Madar: very beautiful
33' 42" Fakam... Nahar qarar in Nahar, and then continuing on qarar with Watala..
44' 21" Sahab
Improvisations on Atfea' Ladha-l-Qalb starting around 44' 45" are very nice and unexpected, and she ends them with a beautiful way of saying Sahab at 48' 04". Then she does very beautiful stuff with the word Sahab at 49' 06".

Thanks again.

01-01-2008, 02:38
Excellent recording quality for a 1957 concert. I particularly love the iqa3 in the intro. I never heard Ibrahim Afifi doing it in a different version.
Very beautiful impros that Luay specified, but the 4 min impros on "Atfe2 Ladha el qalb" are unbelievably beautiful. Her qaflat on the word sa7ab when she goes down to the qarar are so full of tarab, but I can't find a word that describes her "sa7ab" at min 48'04 except by miraculous.....I was in the train while listening to this song, and I literally jumped out of my seat....Believe me....people thought I was probably crazy. She seemed to have literally ridden a cloud "sa7ab" so high she went!!!! 3azama ya sett...how could she do this at an age that was close to 60????
Fred, could you please analyze those 4 min maqam-wise?
Personally, it is the best performance of Ruba3yyat I've heard so far. Thank you so much Fawaz!!!!



أبو علاء
01-01-2008, 11:50
بغضّ النّظر عن التّفاصيل الّتي لم يكن بوسعي تسجيلها إذ أنّي استمعت إلى هذه الحفلة بعد أن أويت إلى الفراش، وقد ذكر على أيّ حال كلّ من لؤي وألفريد بعضها، فإنّ هذه الصّيغة من أفضل صيغ الرّباعيّات الّتي سمعتها حتّى الآن إن لم تكن أفضلها على الإطلاق، وقد ساعد في الاستمتاع بها وتبيّن مفاتنها نقاء التّسجيل.
شكرا يا فوّاز وكلّ عام وأنت بخير.

02-01-2008, 20:56
كل عام و أنتم بخير
طبعاً هناك صيغ أجمل لرباعيات الخيام و لكن مع الأسف غير موجودة عندي بانتظار أن يرفعها أحد الأعضاء
و شكراً

02-01-2008, 21:59
@ Alfred
The 46' > 48' impro is basically rast, and it never quits the degrees of the scale of rast. It starts as irtigal sa'ib (free, non metric) by just ornementing and slightly changing the usual melodic sentence, which is in rast, nice qafla rast to the qarar at 47:24, then Umm Kulthum stays in the qarar area but moves the daragat al-rukuz 2 degrees up (at approx. 47:37), so it becomes sikah, but with the same degrees of maqaam rast, just a change of rukuuz that makes it sound sikah, she plays a short while with this sikah stop, so that we feel it well and get used to it, and then on sa7aab, she climbs all the stairs, all the degrees of maqam rast upwards.

02-01-2008, 22:48
Thanks Fred:) This just reinforces that rast is one of my favorite maqams...very typically oriental...her qaflats are extremely tarabic...her whole singing in this section, as well as "fa kam tawal el layl" and "ya man ya7ar" and"ya 3alim el asrar" sounds like tajweed. What note does she reach in "sa7ab" at 48'04? The note is not that important, of course, but the gradual increase and the impact are.