مشاهدة جميع الاصدارات : Occidentalist Composers from the National Conservatory

18-01-2008, 17:51
Hi there
Im a new user of this Forum. And first I want to congratulate you guys: This is really amazing. I find music here that I was searching for quite a while. Thanks so much also for the serious descussions around these works.

Listen, I have a question to you guys. I hope it is not too stupid.

I search music by the composers who used to teach or be in charge of the national conservatory or other music institutions in Lebanon. People like Wadih Sabra, Bertrand Robillard, Toufic Succar, Boghos Ghelalian, and George Baz, Salvator Arnita, Joseph Khoury, .... I know that there are recordings for example by Ghelalian songs (or at least arrangements) by the Rahbanis. But I try to find also different stuff.

Thansks a lot for everything...


أبو علاء
18-01-2008, 18:17
Welcome, tom.
Occidentalist composers in general are not part of the scope of this forum. I suggest you read the forum basic texts for further explanations. This said, there might be among the members some knowledgeable people who may help you on a private basis. I think of our friends Burhan, Baccar and maybe 3amr. If anyone of them reads this, they will certainly respond. Otherwise, you can pm your question to them.

18-01-2008, 19:37
Thanks for your lines. I thought so, that the occidentalists or not really part of that forum. But as you say, I hope that maybe someone does know about them and have maybe some recordings. I will contact the members that you mention. Thanks