مشاهدة جميع الاصدارات : Ya Zalemni (05/02/1959) الحفلة الأخيرة ؟

02-02-2008, 09:25
السلام عليكم
اعتذر عن تقصيرى الشديدفى الفتره السابقة وذلك لانشعالى فى الامتحانات
واليكم الحفل الأخير(على ما اعتقد) للاغنية المحبوبة (ياظالمنى) من حديقة الأزبكية يوم 5 فبراير1959 فى الوصلة الثالثة


02-02-2008, 14:14
ألف شكر يا عاشق أم كلثوم، كيف استطعت أن تتخطى خلل الانترنت الذي أصاب مصر منذ أيام ؟
أجد نضارة الصوت في هذا التسجيل عجيبة، نظرا لتاريخ الحفلة
وهي حفلة لا تخلو من الارتجالات المرسلة حول الدقيقة 27-29

02-02-2008, 17:29
Very nice performance indeed. I particularly like Ibrahim Afifi's emphasis on the iqa3 in certain sections that I haven't heard before, such as "w tehgourni w tensani" at 6'20".

On the other hand, are you sure this is the last performance of ya zalemni. A family friend once told me he attended a concert of Umm Kulthum in the early 60s (1961 I think) in piscine Aley where she sang ya zalemni for the 3rd time in Lebanon. I can't confirm though.




03-02-2008, 12:44
According to the Atef al-Muwallid list, the September 1961 piscine Aley performance includes Huwwa Sahih, El-hobb keda, Qissat al-Ams. Although this list is often wrong concerning foreign concerts, there is no mention anywhere of a Lebanese performance of Ya Zalemni post-1955.

03-02-2008, 14:24
Thanks Fred. As I said, I couldn't verify the information. The family friend said he was an adolescent when he attended the concert and all I know is that he is born in 1948. But again, this is the list for one concert; sometimes Umm Kulthum would perform for 2 nights. I will be very surprised if she hadn't sung lessa faker that year.

Does anybody have "huwa sahih"'s performance in Lebanon? It will be much appreciated if it is uploaded and shared.