مشاهدة جميع الاصدارات : choosing a colour - problem

29-09-2008, 16:55
We are trying to solve a technical problem of choosing a colour of your posts by using the colour drop down. At the moment this is not working.

You can however choose the black colour availabe and then change the colour tag. A bit technical but it's a workaround.

We have upgraded the forum to the latest available version of vbulletin. This is why we might encounter a few hickups.

Let us know if you notice any problems.


29-09-2008, 18:10
Congratulations on the upgrade Najib.

By the way .. last year I learnt drupal for a website I was building
(Coincidently, I wanted to start a website project about Western classical music .. but apparently it had no contributors except myself and another member .. and now I left it to be there floating alone :D)

Anyway, I am still happy that this helped me learn php and drupal.

Drupal is a Content Management system .. which can hold information and index it with far more complicated abilities than a forum system.
Besides, its administration by non-technical users is very similar to moderating a forum.

If you guys wish, I can build you a drupal site next to the forum .. say on zamanalwasl.net/encyclopedia .. and it will take the burden of maintaining the sluggish forum indexes you spend so much time to maintain into something more organized and automatic and categorized. Think it over and if you really look forward to such a project I am ready to build it for you (you know, in my spare time)

29-09-2008, 18:22
Thanks for the offer Bassio.

First do you have an example of a Drupal indexed forum that I can look at?

Send me the stuff by pm if you have one.


29-09-2008, 18:40
To further explain:
Drupal is not just a forum system (but it includes forums). It is a Content Management System that can be used to archive and organize information in meaningful organized database tables which can be operated upon to provide automatic indexing.

For example:
Let us say we start in making this drupal zamanalwasl project ..
what do we need to build a simple zamanalwasl base simulating this forum but more automated?

We need to configure the following "Content Types":
1) we need 'Performer'
2) we need 'Performance'
3) we need 'Composition'
4) we need 'Discussion' or 'Forum thread'
5) we need 'Data' (if we decide to attach snippets or essays to this singer or that .. like the recent Hattouma project)

With each content type .. we have the total control of molding it to our needs

say the title 'Composition' .. we can provide a category for "Composition Type" which will include (Dor, Qasida, Mawwal, Song, Other) .. must also include the "Composer" etc.

and we can configure that the same composition has several 'Performances' .. and we can configure each performance to have its own performer, the maqam, recording date, the matrix number, the label, number of sides .. even related discussion threads etc. etc. and any other data that can relate to a performance.

I guess you now can get the picture.

Browsing "Kadny El Hawa" will reveal linked lists to all performances of that present on the site (without the need for admins to write and delete and maintain manually typed indexes, which you describe as a nasty task) .. making it all

Say you are in a tearful mood and you wish to search for a Qasida Saba to listen to .. this will be easy with preconfigured indexes and relations. Say you want to know what higaz songs did OK sing .. easy.

Also statistics will be a lot lot easier.

It is just an organizational and educational benefit. This is like 'encyclopedifying' all the knowledge we have at hand that are present in forum posts.

As for example sites, I can send you the url of my own site I built last year - if you want to .. (which is similarly organized into composer, composition, CD etc.). There are also many other sites that are built with drupal including very complex sites just take a look at drupal.org.. and visit the sites they refer to by yourself.

02-10-2008, 18:09
The colour problem seems to be solved now.

Bassio we'll carry on talking about Drupal privatey.

Let us know if there are other problems