مشاهدة جميع الاصدارات : Iakovos Nafpliotis

15-05-2009, 17:58
A fantastic new collection by this legendary psalti of Fener Istanbul.

I thank my friend Hakem for bringing it to me. It is indeed a wonderful collection of 78rpms distributed over 5 CDs


Please see the attached document copied from Hurriyet newspaper and notice the link with the Arabic church.

أبو علاء
15-05-2009, 18:25
An insteresing work indeed! This is the kind of projects I dream of for our own repertoire. Imagine a 5 CD collection of old records from the period 1905-1925 or 30 for instance! Fred would spearhead the project. Do these Kalan people publish other musics than the Ottoman one?

15-05-2009, 21:28
Hi Mohsen,

Yes I believe Kalan are starting. Stelios Berber is a friend of our friend Hakem.

He is already working with Aram on an Armenian project.

Even this one (Iakovos), you can see that practically this is the only Byzantine one in their listing. So this is a new venture for them away from hardcore Turkish stuff and under a wider "Ottoman" umbrella if you want.

Stelios even re-degitized the 78s because they were issued in Greece but not at the right speed.

I think we are slowly converging to the fact that these projects must happen and are very needed and have an audience.

Hopefully with Fred and Kamal and the others we will manage to get something fruitful.