مشاهدة جميع الاصدارات : Aqqad 3/3 - Bashraf Higazkar Kurdi Tatios (Gramophone)

22-07-2009, 15:53
Although this Turkish maqam often results in average results in Egyptian music, this bashraf is enjoyable.
Gramophone 18311/312

22-07-2009, 23:45
Aside from the fact that it's wonderfully played here (I seem to find anything Aqqad does wonderful), when you say Hijaz Kar Kurd produces average results in egyptian music, do you mean in terms of interpretation or original composition?

23-07-2009, 00:48
I've come across very few notable egyptian pieces in hijaz kar qurd.. The maqam is basically Kurd on C (do), instead of it's usual D (re)...

Although there is a nice mowashah posted in the LP & Radio section -"Hibbi Zourni" sung by Mohamed Andeel. I think it was originally composed by Darwish Al Hariri. Hariri's recording isn't found on the forum though..

Sami El Shawa performs a taqsim in hijaz kar qurd as well.. His piece is also in this section.


23-07-2009, 14:20
My 2 cents:

The turks call it "Kurdili Hicaz Kar" as in the Hicaz Kar that got "Kurdified" so yes Kurd is on D, but Hicaz Kar is a C based makam and what they did is to altered the bottom Hicaz C tetrachord to make it a bottom C Kurd tetrachord, thus Kurdifying the Hicaz Kar maqam.

Ouf, that was hard to type :-)

23-07-2009, 15:13
What I meant is that I'm not a great fan of ottoman maqams in early 20th century Egyptian music, it always sound to me (impressionistic, I know) sort of artificial. Now, the alledgedly higazkar kurd (but actually simply kurd) dor / el-hobb fe hokm el-hawa is a fantastic piece, and an exception to the rume, but I can't help thinking that the generalization of the use of maqam kurdi was a turning point in Egyptian music, and a shift in the language.
I was recently listening to an introduction by a contemporary Egyptian radio speaker to UK's song "Helm", and the radio speaker said that rast suznak was a "rare maqam", and that struck me at first as totally absurd, considering the huge amount of repertoire pieces in rast suznak, until I realized that indeed, the use of maqamat answers fads and trends as well.
But anyways, this bashraf is indeed wonderfully played by al-Aqqad.

23-07-2009, 16:13
It's a gorgeous piece - thanks Fred.

I like the ending of Hulm as well. On "walaou" She goes down on Hicaz, carries on doing Nikriz at the bottom totalling Nawa Athar.

I just wish she sung it more than once!