مشاهدة جميع الاصدارات : Shaykh Sayyid al-Safti

25-02-2010, 18:41
dor in maqam athar kurd.be composed by daud husni -
El-Qalb Fe Hobb El-Hawa

أبو علاء
25-02-2010, 19:13
Normally, this thread should be deleted. But, I'll explain first one and give you the time to read before I do it. First, this is not the right place to post. The various sections have bilingual titles (Arabic and English) that are self-explanatory. This one, for instance, should have gone to the nahda/78 rpm records section. Besides, as I wrote in my private message, you have to check the relevant section's index first to be sure that the material hasn't been already posted and you'll see that this dor is already there in the above mentioned section, unless there are more than one version and this one is different from the one there, which you can check either based on the file information or simply by comparing the two recordings if you don't have that inforamtion. The same applies to your other post concerning Sayyid Darwish dors.