مشاهدة جميع الاصدارات : George Saad & Kamil Ibrahim taqasim

03-02-2011, 21:30
I'm seeking information on these two performances, issued in the US on the Alamphon label. I know nothing about the performers but perhaps someone here does. Does anyone know where (Cairo?) or when (late 30s?) they were recorded or for what label (Baida? Odeon?) Any biographical information on the performers would be greatly appreciated.
many thanks!

ابن كار
13-02-2011, 07:45
Dear brother Iannagoski: first of all thank you very much for your aporte.Gurgus Saad, Mustafa Ridha and shared with the brothers The Aqqad with Amin Al Mahdi was the player of the nay in the orchestra of Umm Kulthum in the company of Ibrahim Elarian, and was the predecessor Sayed Salem in the orchestra. With respect to Kamil Ibrahim was an excellent performer and elected Qanun Mahamad Abd El Wahab for his most famous solos and instrumental songs, written for the Qanun, orchestra and violin as: El Fann, Ana Wu Hhabibi, El Maadi, etc. Please if you have more material similar hope your new partnership.
Thanks again and get from me a cordial greeting.
Sincerely Eben Kar.