: mahbubi

26-05-2011, 17:58

a friend sent me this track from the suryaniler compilation ...
its the final track - i cant stop listening to it!!

can anyone tell me who it is by ? i have no idea!

thanks in advance

26-05-2011, 21:46
This is one of the reasons for which our attitude towards newcomers looks so drastic.
Are you sure you have read the minimum to be read before posting? Please check the narrative around here starting with the few paragraphs referred to in the registration instructions. External links to files posted elsewhere is strictly forbidden.

27-05-2011, 15:59
Ok ive just read them after looking around ....

"are you sure you have read the minimum to be read before posting"

i sign up to alot of forums - i dont have time to read terms and conditions. ive found clips from this compilation on this site before, are you saying you dont want links to audio ? or are you saying you dont want anyone to leave your site ? because the link i posted goes straight to audio, not another site. when you click on it you get the song / you are not forwarded to anywhere - its not that clear how to attach mp3s, perhaps you can explain ?

With regard to posting files, our first concern is quality. We're not interested in stockpiling a maximum of files regardless of their artistic and technical quality;

Define quality do you mean bit rate or if someone is singing in tune ?

Another criterion is availability. There is no need for posting any material that is widely available in the commerce and/or on the web;

Define availability do you mean if its available in a shop ? or itunes ? or on cassette only in a stall in Damascus ?

Another requirement is completeness and accuracy. Truncated recordings are not welcome. Minimum required information include the exact title, the author, possibly the artistic pattern and, most important, the source of the file. There is no point in "importing" material posted elsewhere;

I was trying to put the question to the experts as to who the song is by. That was the point im asking if anyone knows. So to clarify .. you are saying this is forbidden ?

All contributed files must be posted in the forum. Posting links external links to upload websites such is categorically prohibited.
MP3 is the preferred format for audio files. It is recommended to avoid excessive compression as well as splitting files. 128 kbps is a desirable bitrate. Lower bitrates could be considered for long recordings;

Thanks for the advice on respectable bitrates so if someone finds something with a bitrate lower than 128 and posts it here to find out what it is .. you'll black out their link like you have mine ? thats not very helpful or useful to anyone.

With a view to avoiding duplicates, it is strongly recommended to check thoroughly the indexes before posting new material.

Good idea but have you considered all the different westernized spellings of Arabic artists Look up Um Kalthoum, Oum Kulthum, Om Kaltoom ...

im sorry but you seem to making it really difficult to discover and interact by laying down all these rules, isnt it the point of this forum to help introducing it to more ears ? why are you turning it into some sort of exclusive club that only special people can access? Who are you to decide ? to be honest your attitude and quality control seems condescending and unhelpful. I was really excited when i heard about and found the forum, signed up excitedly as im genuinely interested and for once i would like to read something about both my parentss culture that doesnt involve politics/bad news (most of what i read is generally based around war and suffering).

maybe i should just set my own forum up with my own rules.

27-05-2011, 19:31
Dear Sir, if you don't have time to read terms and conditions, this is your problem, not ours, and if you don't have time to read our terms and conditions, why should I have time to read and answer such a long narrative as yours. If you don't like the place, the way in which it is run and/or the people who are running it, it's your prerogative. You came to this place; we didn't invite you. When I don't like a place, I simply refrain from going there, and, if I deem it appropriate, I can, say whatever bad things I wish to other people while staying far away from it. But, I would certainly not go there to insult those who own/manage it. Full stop.