: Private recording of Doctor Hossein Omoumi.

Franck Leriche
01-07-2011, 09:38
Here's a recording i made during the 80's of Hossein Omoumi and young Madjid Khaladj.

It was recorded during the lessons of ney and avaz that Omoumi gave during a few years at "la sorbonne".
So you can hear the traffic, the room was under the level of the street.
It was collective lessons all the afternoon.

Omoumi used to improvise at the beggining of the afternoon and sometimes more.
It was very informal for an iranian course, and Omoumi was shooting after every one who might say "Ostad".

One day he asked the very young Madjid Khaladj who was studing ney and avaz to play some "Zarbi" with him.

To study the ney you had to learn the avaz too.
That was his main approach, no singing, no instrument.

Omoumi was feeling very confortable and he never played so well than during those "private" sessions.

The "gush" is Shustari from Dastgh-e Homayun.

From vz-e esfahan, gush-y Leyli o Majnun.
Same version on ney and vz.
Very interesting to compare both versions.

Unill recently, there wasn't any specific radif for the ney, the vocal radif was used.
I've seen that Ostad Hassan Kass'i has recorded his version of the ney radif a few month ago.
I don't know if it's available outside Iran.