مشاهدة جميع الاصدارات : Sami El Shawa - Taqsim Oushaq

20-09-2011, 05:47
taqsim bayati (on C. aka ussak).
the way shawa just barely graces hijaz in the middle (around 1:25min) is sublime.

أبو علاء
21-09-2011, 10:58
This brings us back to the intricacies of maqam system. If I'm not wrong, 'ushshaq is meant here in its Egyptian version quite close to nahawand (as opposed to the Turkish one that is rather related to bayati). Now, my problem is that what I hear is much closer to kurd than to nahawand.I know the problem might be simply mine since I don't have a scientific knowledge of maqams based on a detailed scale description. Yet, I suppose what one hears and the analogies that come to one's mind also count.

23-09-2011, 05:09
i may have been unclear in my description above. apologies.
my meaning is the taqsim is indeed Bayati. in this case it starts on the C(do) tonic, as opposed to its usual D(re) tonic. which will make it what the turkish call Ussak. so my label "Taqsim Oushaq" infers the turkish ushshaq, not ushshaq masri.

but for all practicality it is the Bayati scale.