مشاهدة جميع الاصدارات : Nuhad - Ya msafra

11-02-2012, 05:19
I agree with my dear brother Abu Ala (http://www.zamanalwasl.net/forums/showthread.php?2225-Great-works-of-Wade-i-al-Safi-%C7%E1%C3%DA%E3%C7%E1-%C7%E1%DF%C8%ED%D1%C9-%E1%E6%CF%ED%DC%DC%DA-%C7%E1%D5%DC%DC%C7%DD%ED&p=31679#post31679).

Happy New Year to all my brothers.

Happy Birthday Jamil Abrao Tabchoury, born on February 10, 1917 to 2012, would be completing 95 years now.

I hope that is a great gift for my brother's "ZAMANALWASL", I think it's a new song for you, with the great singer "Wadih Al Safi" and Lady "Nouhad

I apologize because I do not know the name of this song, and that God will protect me, illuminating for this song be very beautiful.

Henrique Tabchoury

أبو علاء
11-02-2012, 12:51
Dear Henrique, the title is the one I inserted in the label of the new consolidated file I uploaded in replacement of the two files (one file per side) uploaded by yourself: ya msafra. The disk labels bear only the name of the female singer (Nuhad Khalil El-murr) and the names of the lyricist and composer. There's no mention of the male singer and, while listening, I have some doubt on this being Waid' Es-safi's voice. Maybe we should wait to hear from Alfaraby who's our number one specialist in Wadi'. One technical question and remark. Was this record digitised by the same technician as usual? I'm asking because there's a clear problem of excessive saturation. You should draw his attention to this and tell him to reduce the volume on both ends (sound output of the gramophone player and sound input on the computer). May your beloved father rest in peace!

Kamal Kassar
12-02-2012, 11:33
the voice is definitely not the one of Wadih el Safi

أبو علاء
12-02-2012, 16:41
Querido Henrique, como lo escribí arriba, el nombre de la canción es lo que he marcado en el titulo de la carpeta que puse en lugar de las dos tuyas después de haberlas juntadas en una sola. La escritura sobre el disco no menciona el nombre del cantador masculino, pero ambos yo mismo y mi amigo Kamal Kassar pensamos que no se trate de Wadi'. Quizás seria la voz del compositor de la canciòn Antoine Kreydi o algún otro cantador que no conocemos.