مشاهدة جميع الاصدارات : To whom it may concern

أبو علاء
18-05-2012, 01:50
I'm submitting the content of this exchange I've recently had with a former member of the forum without further ado, on the one hand, simply because I feel there's a serious problem of communication between the two of us (is it due to the fact that both are writing in English, which is the mother tongue of none of us or there's more to it?) and, on the other hand because the gentleman is obviously deadly serious about his project and he expressly mentioned the will to communicate with others on the forum thereon and hopefully get some help from help. I didn't ask for his permission to publish this correspondence, but I don't think there's anything private that would have him object to it, and I hope this will contribute to correct any injustice I might have committed in dealing with his case and help me understand my own error because I failed to see it.

Message received yesterday:

Hello, Abu.

I don't know if you recall the crazy madrilian that some months ago just posted at Salutes and told about a big project on The Call to Prayer... do you?

Well, project is finished since last september, but it hasn't been uploaded due to technical problems regarding iTunes.
Now, Ramadhan approaches, and I'm resolute to finish all details and upload the project everywhere, to torrent trackers and direct download servers.

I can't enter the Forum right now. My login is deodac, password sWBGYS9Z, but they are, somehow, not working....
Could you check?, or send me new ones, or tell me if I behaved badly and you erased me for-ever?

Also, I would like to ask your help, once more.
Here's all the adhans I downloaded from your Forum.

Inshad & Quran recitation - Religious Islamic Vocal Art
Zaman al Wasl - Adhans (44MB) 31 Chants (out of the 1250 the project has)


Would you be so kind as to check wether I was able to get all of them, or are there others I missed?
I would appreciate that help very much. And if you could send me the missing ones,
and / or the related pieces you may think are worthy of being included (Dua's, etc,), you'd be my hero.

I think I got all tags OK from the info provided at each post.
You'll forgive me but It has been necessary to add just a number to few of them,
in order for the software that extracts them from my iTunes Folder to target all files relevant.
Project was built using iTunes over a whole year, but now I have found that folder is not suitable to share the project,
because people not related to the subject won't be able to choose or pick theme by theme (iTunes folder has a somewaht complex structure),
so I'm arranging them all in small volumes regarding Media Source and Genre.

Thank you very much, Abu.

My best regards from Madrid.

My reply sent today:

Dear Deodac,
Forgive my bad memory if I don't remember the details. But a quick search in the forum mailbox allowed me to locate your application for membership and the date of your admission. If your email address is no longer recognised by the forum engine, that means your membership got deleted, and there's only one possible reason for this in cases like yours. This means you haven't logged on to forum for a long while (at least 150 days). There is a clear text in this regard that you should have read when you first entered the forum, even before sending your application, and that is indicated in the registration instructions. I thought Arabs was the only ones no to care enough to read anything! With all due respect, anyone interested in the forum subject and content is welcome provided the interest is genuine, be it only to read, listen and download the posted material without any active participation. But we have no need for fictitious members who have their names registered in the member list and wouldn't feel the need or feel the need to pop in at least once in a while. I hope you'll understand that (By the way, usually, I don't answer messages like yours for the very reason stated in the beginning of this response). So, please, take at least the time to read what's written here (http://www.zamanalwasl.net/forums/showthread.php?t=1744)!
"Would you be so kind as to check wether I was able to get all of them, or are there others I missed?
I would appreciate that help very much. And if you could send me the missing ones,
and / or the related pieces you may think are worthy of being included (Dua's, etc,), you'd be my hero. "

I think you don't know to which kind of person you're talking. I'm a fifty four year old with a (very demanding) job, a family and a forum to run almost by my own. With all the goodwill I may have to help in a serious cultural project like yours (even though I don't know the details thereof and, despite all the respect and admiration I have, I still can't believe how one can undertake this kind of project withot having, at least, a good understanding of the language concerned), I certainly don't have the time to take this whole bunch of files and check them one by one against the ones posted in the forum to find out whether something is missing.
Sorry if I can't be more helpful.
Un saludo amistoso.

New message received this evening:

Dear Abu:

Forgive me also for having forgotten the precise instructions the Forum demanded when I registered. That's what it takes to be member of more private trackers and private forums I can count now. Instruction's sets tend to mingle in one's head in such circumstances, when you live reading the Net 20 hours every 24, most of my days.
Project also was (is) an aboslute priority to me, until it leaks (before July 20th, Ramadhan that is); so, much above the forum rules. I am guilty as charged, of that at least.

It's perfectly OK if you won't have the time nor the will to help me untie that knot, really, Abu. I'm pretty much satisfied with the 31 files I got from the Forum members' generosity, in which admin's, always comes first for me. Thank you, Abu, once again. I know many admins, and my number one in terms of my gratefulness, his personal wisdom and our true friendship is himself an iraqui, who's run the very best Early music Forum on this planet, from Barcelona, since many years now.

I also apologize for taking on my own the assumption you were a free bird as I am, with no personal attachments whatsoever (nor job nowadays, for that matter). I knew, though, you were a bit older than me because a common friend introduced me to few forum particulars and you sort of mentioned the fact when we chatted during admission. I have a very good memory, at my 44, though much, much less than when I was a school boy back in the seventies and early eighties and could study one full academic year in two weeks and then write it or sing it to the last letter with speed, understanding, and mechanical precision. I don't miss that skill in my manhood, can tell you that much.

I sincerely thought that, by posting that long, enthusiastic and heartfelt introduction about my project, being a merry ignorant spaniard as I am, my INTEREST & LOVE for the subject at hand would be generally deemed as SINCERE, by anyone reading well in english. That was my intention at least, to try to trasnmit or spread a bit of the sheer emotion that runs through me when I hear the adhan. It is clear for me now that in there, I failed miserably (noticed that in you at the very first minute), or totally missed the mark.

Though I'm indeed very sorry if you think that, being a non muslim, nor speaking arabic, nor being a religious person for that matter, disqualifies me altogether for undertaking the project. My intention whilst I was thinking on entering there at my own risk, without ant prior, or substantial help afterwards, from any connoisseur (my iraqui friend is over 80, and runs a much livelier forum than yours by HIMSELF, so he just pointed to me some 40 pieces, that was his part), my ONLY intention I repeat, was to SHARE BACK the project for their benefit, in full and by several methods with a) Muslims, the UMMA b) Anyone non muslim that would be curious to find such extravaganza, thus promoting some sort of appeal among that last group towards the first.

I have developped through this year on the making, concrete plans to deliver the project quickly through correspondents in key muslim countries like Morocco, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Pakistán and Indonesia; as well as to make orderly torrents in a couple of trackers that I know would work even more efficiently in that regard. Direct download server links are also going to be placed strategically, so the project might be liked, or utterly dismissed, by the biggest possible number of people. So the help that member's there @ Zamanalwasl foum might have lent me privately in that regard are not truly necessary. Anyone searching seriously, will find the project sooner or later.

But don't you find ironic that, being the adhan one of the oldest and longest chant traditions only perfectly preserved today, no muslim asked for has dared to, or showed interest in offering help all these months? Nor I could find through all my wanderings, for that matter, any similar collection already assembled, of the scope I envisaged at the beggining (though my personal circumstances, you are right in that, have lessened a bit my initial expectative). The folders I found had always some dozen or two of calls, that at the most, and shared in such extremely low bitrates, as the very old ones you share there necessarily have been recorded with. Even the commercial software apps used for determining the right time and direction of the prayer, that are supposed to be modern, advanced, organized, and memory capable, are no different. Does not the adhan, and I'm talking here now of field recordings, deserve to be recorded or ripped in lossless format, as any other cult form of music is nowadays? I find these paradoxes disturbing, at least, and, as I said, veiled with a light sour touch of irony.

Anyhow, I'm very happy now to have overcome a minor technical obstacle that kept me still since september, when I decided that around 1200 Calls and related pieces would have to be, or suffice a fair start in that objective, for an outsider like myself of course. If I ever see a muslim doing just that on his/her own, without the inspiration my project will provide, I will also not believe it. Same feeling then, see. I can only REGRET now, looking back, not being persuasive enough as to convince a fellow spaniard your age, then working in Saudi Arabia, to scout around and rip for me Calls of the Holy Mosques' CD. I only have one track, but a commercial release of that logos, and pathos, produced at the heart of the Umma, seemed like a must those days. That, and the moscovite guy who firmly promised a variety of Gaza adhan cassettes he personally bought on open markets, only to vanish back in the anonymous crowd silently. Luckily for me, a thing, luck, I have felt void of from time to time during this long period working alone, Madrid's own saudi muezzin team compensated that afterwards.

Well, enough.

I beg once more you pardon, Abu, for robbing you part of your valuable time by reading these rather long musings on my humble efforts. I was trying only to convey to you that I have proven qualifications as a REAL human, flesh and bone, far from the ficticious character personna you just have lightly bestowed upon me. I would have participated in the Forum actively, as I do almost anywhere that interests me like your place, or feel grateful towards (also), once the project were to be concluded. Now, it doesn't matter anymore. I respect your decision, which is honorable and, according to any admin's duties, rightly taken and fairly expressed; and will abide to it, no further questions asked. I would have liked though very much your help, or brief advice, in a few number of matters, not the least introducing me to people there that might have liked what I am trying to accomplish. But as I told you before, I was disrespectful by putting my interest before the community, could not help it in this case, sorry.

I bid you farewell, and hope for a prosperous active endeavours for you and your family. Please, you don't need to answer this, as I'm just happy to have had the chance to store and listen to your treasures. I have older, and some even much more challenging calls whose utter beauty is a tribute to your religion, but that is last compliment or word you'll ever read from me.

Un fuerte abrazo.

And, finally, here's the Deodac's initial application for membership received on June 9, 2011:

Dear Board of Zamanalwqasl:

I have become acquainted with your forum, through a dear friend,
my dear fellow AmbroseBierce, who spoke me abouth this community yesterday.

My Name is *****, and I live in Madrid, Spain, although I was born

43 years ago, in **** Huelva (al-Andalus, Spain). I am a magazine journalist,
editorial coordinator and also an orthographic editor, though my major (UAM)
was in Biology Sciences. My true e-mail address is ****,
and I would like to use the nick "deodac" if I'm granted registration at your forum.
I am genuinely interested in the classical arab and oriental musics.
My interest these latest months have laid in the call to prayer (al-adaan) as it is sung
or sound recorded all over the Umma. I have an ongoing project on that,
and would also like to know if I could find any other fellow member who might be also.

As a member of a forum in Spain with international membership
which covers mainly Early, Medieval and Renaissance musics, Sonus Antigua,
I have become in contact with this repertoire and some of their modern
and classic performers, and I find these musics some of the best played live
and studio recorded nowadays, but would like to have the chance also to hear
more old recorded material, being the iranian melodies the most appealing to me
up until today. I think I might have few materials myself to share,
and would like to if the occasion arises and after reviewing the forum slowly.
Looking forward to your comments,
I would humbly like to ask to be a participant of the forum.
Thank you for your kind and attention.

Comments are welcome. Whoever willing to help can contact me and I'll provide him with Deodac's email address.

18-05-2012, 16:50
Hi Mohsen,

I am happy to help.

I can do that tomorrow