مشاهدة جميع الاصدارات : From Alfleila: al-mar'i yu'rafu fi-l-'anami bifi'lihi

أبو علاء
16-02-2015, 13:00
Apart from the recordings of Muhammad Sadiq Sr already posted in the Egyptian 78rpm record section and those of his junior homonym to come, there were a couple of other files, one of which is this typical shami qasidah 'al-wahdah interpreted by Muhammad Al-'ashiq (no Egyptian singer would pronounce "yu'rafu" in the awkward way 'ashiq does here) in bayati mode and recorded if my ears aren't fooling me for Zonophon (the presenter says "Zonophon company limited", I think). This piece is unknown to me and is not even included in the compilation published by AMAR foundation a year ago.

16-02-2015, 13:49
This is indeed a Zonophone recording, also issued under the Gramophone label (Zonophone and Gramophone are the same company after 1903, but Gramophone continued issuing records under the cheaper Zonophone label until circa 1907/1908, then reissued the same recordings with a Gramophone label).
The Gramophone reference for this disk (I do not have the Zonophone one) is :
issued in the supplement catalogue for Syrian records of october 1909. But the date of recording is obviously much sooner, maybe 1906-1907.