مشاهدة جميع الاصدارات : Ba‘yūn-A yā Hindu mahlan (Gramophone) / محيي الدّين بعيون ـ قصيدة أيا هنْد مهلاً

أبو مروان
29-06-2018, 21:07
محي الدّين بعيون في قصيدة "أيا هِنْد مهلا "
أسطوانة جرامفون 14476.77

لم أسمعها من غيره...لست متأكداً من درجة السرعة

29-06-2018, 21:16
Dear Abu Marwan, I moved your post to the Bilad al-Sham section. Thank you for this piece that I have never heard before.
Qaṣīda mursala, maqām rāst.

I may add that this is the very first time I hear anyone singing Imru' al-Qays' mu‘allaqa ! The dīwān usually uses “A Fāṭima mahlan“ instead of “Hind“, but this is definitely al-Malik al-Dillīl's verses that were chosen by Muḥyī l-Dīn afandī !

This is a severely filtered version of your recording

30-06-2018, 11:26
The matrix number is 2811y, as visible from your picture, so this means this piece was recorded in Beirut, February 1912.